Sep 21, 2009

hitoMi intruded Desa Park City Hill

sings *that Girl is so DanGerous, that girl is a BAD GIRL yea...*

hoho, me? bad girl? no no no, i am super innocent & good girl One...

Joshua, i am not Mutated LOL...instead, becoMe healthier

Coz I hiked!!
WooTza...proudly present to you Desa Park City Hill in the evening

You might think I am crazy for bringing my camera along LOL
But i can tell you I am not

Coz there are soMe even crazier!!

Actually they are not wrong, just too Patriotic...
macam orang hike Mount everest kan buat macam ini, tak salah pun


  1. hitoMi,

    Quite a hike uphill!

    Interesting photos. I actually walked under high tension power tower this weekend. This one was at ground level, not on any high hills. Not that there are any hills in the near vicinity.

    Have a great week, and more photos please!


  2. David, yes, it was my second time up the hill though.

    Hee, the photos not very spectacular...coz I have to rush up to the troop lol...

    Having exam so lesser update ^^

  3. great shots! did you send to the star?

    From me to you, suejean =)

  4. Thanks SJ, nothing spectacular though. What did i send?? Haha, perhaps sending you??

  5. i meant the star paper. the merdeka flag.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  6. wahhhhh~~~ u climb all the way to there ar??? hehehhee...anyway, great shot!!!

  7. hitoMi,

    Good luck on this weeks exams.

    Please let us know your scores when available.

    (we know you will pass them all...)


  8. SJ, how to send?? LOL

    Lisa717, hee, yes, i did Climb up the hill!! Woola..thanks!!

    David, I study damn hard this time...much stressed up!!


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