Sep 10, 2009

Final Destination for Gamer

HitoMi is very Frustrated!!
I have so many things pending
I hate that feeling that urges to settle each and every of them
Including posting about this, and ToNnes of photos...still left untouched.

Watched Final destiNation 4 on 1st September, as I managed to secure myself a pair of tixs from Nuffnang BlogPost contest with this
the scary face of HitoMi

Perhaps too much expectation and too much similarities that made up the series of Final destination.

What would be intriguing enough would be the different way of Dying

Pretty unexpected and it really put me in wonder

Why so much coincidence!!!

At the end of the show, it was like "Huh, finish??" and yes, you have got me right. Not to say it is meant to suspend but rather a bad planned ending.
Overall rating: 4/10 (you will regret)

As for Gamer, thanks to siMon seow's invitation that I managed to catch it on 9th september, one day before the premier showcase

Not to be intriguing by the lead actor but rather the story itself

Rather fresh concept as I have never thought of how people can put Sim City into a real life "Society" in the movie.

Ultimate truth is ALWAYS UGLY...and it is TERRIFYING.

Imagine that You have no control of What you have got to do, I Swear you won't want that!!

Not to disclose too much, it is for you to find out.
Overall rating: 7/10


  1. dun like gamer... sorry

  2. Run..HitoMi, run for your life...

    (HitoMi did not hear the scary music playing when she stepped into...)



  3. David,i am always on the run


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