Sep 27, 2009

Dining in MiChelanGelo

This set of photos was taken long ago. Erm, again, I failed to count the time lapsed.
But it was few days before Envy Club soft launch.

Just finished my mid term tests. Stressed, as usual. That is why I decided to pamper myself alittle.

with some luxurious dining experience

Basically what I had was

RM 100+++ in total, with additional GuinNess stout and house wine

But it was nice. Relaxed.

We waited too long for the food to be served. Perhaps, quality food requires quality delivery.

By the time it was served, we Gobbled it down

Hmm, maybe it was way exaggerated but seriously the lamb shank took like an hour to be served.

Ambience is nice. Tables are set in a way that you have ample spaces to move around but not good for phototaking because of the lighting condition.

In fact, there was only two of us. Most of the customers opted for alfresco which we don't. Nah, I don't to smell smoke and it was way humid outside ^^

Food is Ok. Escargots are way too salty. Lamb shank is YuMmy ^^

at the end of the day, hitoMi is broke. Now. Need jobs seriously but no replies given. Wanted to go Artistry but have no idea where to get tickets either >.<


  1. hitoMi,

    The photo of you is very pretty!
    Great colors!

    The mushrooms look yummy!

    Oh my, there goes my diet, just looking at food makes the kilos just pile on...

    Have a great week!


  2. David, there is no mushroom over there!! Only escargots ^^

    You definitely can't add on weight by just looking at photos right??

  3. 100++? damn i forgot it's that much.

  4. hitoMi,

    Now I see the shells!

    More fattening than mushrooms sauteed in butter.

    But better tasting.

    Exams were last week.

    Now your followers await the story of your triumph passing the exams.

    Details please!


  5. Simon, it is almost 150, remember??

    David, the result is not out yet. I am just saying it is done LOL...the escargots is nice. Initially i don;t want to eat them but it is really nice!!

  6. Cheese baked escargots!!! I love cheese but escargots....hmm..never try before...

  7. Hey joshua, it tastes good just bit salty. It is my first time having escargots and i am craving for the next one after my first!!

  8. hitoMi,

    Exams are finished, for now.

    Any news regarding your scores.

    New model shoot coming soon?

    Will I ever stop asking questions?

    BTW do enjoy this week!


  9. hey, i love the last pic of yours..

  10. David, will update as soon as I have any news on my result. But as usual, my college works the least efficient way. Can't help ^^ There was a shoot. But still need time to upload.

    Cheekeong, thanks^^ you are so cute lah


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