Sep 3, 2009

DiGi sneak Peak Session @ LaunDry Bar

WoOt, bet this is the latest ever from HitoMi
this event was Nearly one month ago!!
now only Me blog about it???
Haha, yea man!!

Most importantly, if I am lucky enough, I can secure myself Once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to Dine with All Americans Reject & a soNy ericsson W760 HandPhone
Ahhh, a Phone is what I need now!!

Enough of Digression

Want BOozes everyBody?? Let me treat you haha!!

Want MusiC, be Patient, DJ on the way

best of all, it is All Free!!
Of course BOozes are Not free but GoOd enough, we had a Pretty Light & deCent dinner by

TONnes of Digi AmBassaDors in Laundry, On top of that, all Males LOL - Smell the Fishiness??

Digi, ALways the Smarter choice, EXACTLY!!
I have my digi Number like for YEARSSsss
yes, YEARSSssss...
to be exact, 7years!!

thanks to the Bosses here

we, bloggers, had free Dinner


Free Games *slap forehead* ain't it suppose to free anyway??

On top of that, we Had CAPRICE IN THE HOUSE!!

and More of caPrice

Girls, scream Your Lungs out!!
*down down down down down*

Told you so, diGi is so Good that even....

KristiNe avRil goes GAGA

Dai Ka Jie busy Psycho-ing the people

Haha, even some Beh TAHAN her relentless Psycho-ing LOL

Perhaps I miss out some parts

OMG, Green tea Bernard also Got poiSOned!!

DiGi ambassaDor never Love the Hair any more than Now!!

rememBer Free Games??

Avril woN the best Dress wei!!

Next Up


The trick was whichever team whom managed to finish the TASKS in shortest time WIN!!!

Too bad, we Did not.

Instead, Tian Chad & his team mates woN >.<

So basically, it is a GOOD NEWS to all DIGI USERS ^^

You can just Subscribe to DiGI MUSIC and do all these

1. Get to download unlimited music (How cool is that?!)
2. Create and share songs & playlists
3. Download via phone & pc
4. NO DATA CHARGES for WAP browsing and downloads
5. Music experiences e.g. Concerts, meet & greets, etc.

with 5Bucks per MOnth!!

Terri said : You must Check it out at and I bet You will Love it

Nigel nods...

So guys, Don't wait!! Faster go LAH!!


  1. Damn kao worth ler...RM 5! cheap and good!

  2. Via, that is definitely worth while!!

  3. Thanks for taking my photo ^@^
    Now I have one photo for this event~

    How I wish I have a DSLR for photo ike urs~!

  4. Hee, you are definitely most welcomed, tian chad ^^ if you want, i can send you full size, but the pic appears slightly blurred ^^

    YOur digicam is Good, see how it helped you won the LG arena phone!! lol

  5. vennz@wenhui3:15 AM

    hi, havent been dropping by for awhile...and hey u look so cool in your banner!

  6. Wenhui, yea, you still have time online LOL...thank you for your compliment!!


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