Sep 27, 2009

Dining in MiChelanGelo

This set of photos was taken long ago. Erm, again, I failed to count the time lapsed.
But it was few days before Envy Club soft launch.

Just finished my mid term tests. Stressed, as usual. That is why I decided to pamper myself alittle.

with some luxurious dining experience

Basically what I had was

RM 100+++ in total, with additional GuinNess stout and house wine

But it was nice. Relaxed.

We waited too long for the food to be served. Perhaps, quality food requires quality delivery.

By the time it was served, we Gobbled it down

Hmm, maybe it was way exaggerated but seriously the lamb shank took like an hour to be served.

Ambience is nice. Tables are set in a way that you have ample spaces to move around but not good for phototaking because of the lighting condition.

In fact, there was only two of us. Most of the customers opted for alfresco which we don't. Nah, I don't to smell smoke and it was way humid outside ^^

Food is Ok. Escargots are way too salty. Lamb shank is YuMmy ^^

at the end of the day, hitoMi is broke. Now. Need jobs seriously but no replies given. Wanted to go Artistry but have no idea where to get tickets either >.<

Sep 26, 2009

GuiNness 250th AnniVersary

In conjunCtion with Arthur's Day, which was held yesterday Night
it is just the right time to post this Up!!

Happy 250th Anniversary to GuiNness

It was sad that I can't go
first of all, no ticket, secondly, I have MY last BuSiness Analysis paper this morning
what else I could do besides Chewing My books with WASABI??

Never mind that, everything ended with the final splash of Blood
Victory shall be Mine!!

Sep 25, 2009

GotcHa, i am Baby Girl!!

Haha, all of you FAIL FAIL FAIL


I am a Baby Girl!!

HerNg, you Don't want to see Me crY
It will be a Devastation!!

You don't want me to FAN YOU right??

*last Battle is Near, hitoMi will be Striking back this tiMe!!*

Sep 23, 2009

Kung Fu Kid in the making

Wednesday marks the 4th day of Hari Raya.
Selamat hari raya kepada semua rakyat malaysia!!

Holiday does not mean for us taking break but rather more and more studies to be done
Chasing tight schedule, finished prescribed syllabus
*take a deep breath*

However, there is always something that cheers you up

Aha, you got me right!!
this is the B-Factor that I am talking about

That is Not all about it

Wasai, this kid can do KuNg fu!!

One question for this kid XY or XX??

Sep 21, 2009

hitoMi intruded Desa Park City Hill

sings *that Girl is so DanGerous, that girl is a BAD GIRL yea...*

hoho, me? bad girl? no no no, i am super innocent & good girl One...

Joshua, i am not Mutated LOL...instead, becoMe healthier

Coz I hiked!!
WooTza...proudly present to you Desa Park City Hill in the evening

You might think I am crazy for bringing my camera along LOL
But i can tell you I am not

Coz there are soMe even crazier!!

Actually they are not wrong, just too Patriotic...
macam orang hike Mount everest kan buat macam ini, tak salah pun

Sep 19, 2009

Featuring joaChim, shasa in Where are we

this tiMe, hitoMi has got himself a Boy as her Model...

Ahhh, unintended unnecessary object behind but bet you it is taken naturally
*wonder what is he thinking*

Cool, ain't he??

This one is the Contradictory oNe

Model code : Shasa
Same journey, different faces

that is why Best if I have camera whether I go, agree??

Guess where we were heading to??

Sep 18, 2009

Featuring Vivian Ho

tHis girl here is my personal Make up sensei

She taught me all the basics...she spent her time shopping for my Make up
she is Great, Marvellous, and Punk!!


Sep 16, 2009

hitoMi greets You

hitoMi with her own HitoMism
was the tagLine i have created months ago

But now it is tiMe to relive it!!

yes, showing NOthing else but hitoMi oNly

2more days to exam

Sep 15, 2009

hitoMi new PimP

Girls never fail to feel happy whenever they shop, if they were, why would there be
shop till you drop!!

so toDay, sicko hitoMi shopped and I shall not officially declared
HitoMi is BROKE!!

100++ Gone...

WoOt, show soMe love!!

Thank goodness!! luCkily it is a present from My lovely Cousin, AiLee

Oh yea, almost forGot

300 bucks Gone again >.<

What else I could say??

Sep 14, 2009

AmaZing thaiLand festiVal 2009

Just soMe shots to share...didn't really take a Peak inside though

Attracted by the colorful outlay, so did the crowds

soLemnly serious but you might wanna have a look on soMething different

Ugly giMic lol

Last but not least, met Kia, non blogger

Yes, Canon Kaki who have been standing behind me during Miss ChiNese Cosmos shoot

I think I have fever now
again, pre examination symptoms

Sep 13, 2009

more Miss CosmoS chinese 2009 @ KLPF

wonDering where are we??

Thinking hard??

LoOk closer then You shall get the Hint ^^

FuNny MimiC of the day

Yes, you see Canon, you see EOS, still can't Get??

wookie, tiMe's Up!!

ObviouSly Our ladies here can't wait anyMore to Flaunt you what they are Proud Of
*pointing to SeXy Legs & pretty Faces*
ChecK out my Fav oNes here

Ola, before I departed, one shot

with the FunnY miMicker lol..
I know I look so pale...NO make up and super early wake up Sowee

Last but not least, a photo of thought

Even kid knows how to Shoot LengLuis!!
WTH, so freaking rich dah, so young dah ada DSLR!!

Sep 12, 2009

Miss Chinese CosMos @ KLPF

You might have heard of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) if You loves photography or maybe interested with it ^^

Besides all the showcases of products from various brands, as such, Canon, Nikon, PanasoNic, Olympus
of Course
they Provide lots of eye candies for You to Shoot

You Might wanna have a look at Munster's Photos for Hot Angelyn featuring Nikonian Academy

But in the Meantime, Here are soMe of my shots featuring
Miss CHinese CosMos 2009 @ KLPF

Oh dollie she is, I love her Eye contact

Kawaii Girl

Nice face feature

This is what I understand of the term "Demure looking"

Actually I like all of them LOL, that is why I am posting them Up here

SeXy back black!!

I wonder who win though *hmmmm*

Sep 10, 2009

Final Destination for Gamer

HitoMi is very Frustrated!!
I have so many things pending
I hate that feeling that urges to settle each and every of them
Including posting about this, and ToNnes of photos...still left untouched.

Watched Final destiNation 4 on 1st September, as I managed to secure myself a pair of tixs from Nuffnang BlogPost contest with this
the scary face of HitoMi

Perhaps too much expectation and too much similarities that made up the series of Final destination.

What would be intriguing enough would be the different way of Dying

Pretty unexpected and it really put me in wonder

Why so much coincidence!!!

At the end of the show, it was like "Huh, finish??" and yes, you have got me right. Not to say it is meant to suspend but rather a bad planned ending.
Overall rating: 4/10 (you will regret)

As for Gamer, thanks to siMon seow's invitation that I managed to catch it on 9th september, one day before the premier showcase

Not to be intriguing by the lead actor but rather the story itself

Rather fresh concept as I have never thought of how people can put Sim City into a real life "Society" in the movie.

Ultimate truth is ALWAYS UGLY...and it is TERRIFYING.

Imagine that You have no control of What you have got to do, I Swear you won't want that!!

Not to disclose too much, it is for you to find out.
Overall rating: 7/10

Sep 9, 2009

my Ultimate Bday Bash

Let everyone into your world of fantasy on how you wish to celebrate your birthday, by taking this simply yet fun “D’Ultimate Birthday Meme”.

• Once you've been tagged, answer the following questions as creatively as you can.
• Once completed, tag 6 blog friends to have them do this birthday Meme.

1) My date of birthday is: 27th June 1988

2) My most ‘glamourous, fun & ‘memorable’ Birthday celebration was when:I can't recall any >.<

3) My wildest dream destination to have my Birthday celebration is: Maldives, hot hunks, humourous buddies!!

4) The five persons I would like invite to my Birthday celebration held at the above location are: Charis, Christock, siMon, joyce, jeffrey siow

5) My top 5 ultimate birthday playlist are: Insomnia (Craig David), Crush (David Archuleta), Lucky (Jason Mraz), Flash light (Kanya west ft Dwele) , Untouched (Veronica)

6) If a Genie were to promise me 3 Birthday wishes right now, my Birthday wishes would be: More wisDom, more freeDom, more Cash

7) My sexiest birthday photo

8) Tag your friends whom I’d like to tag to do this Birthday Meme:
weng chiew, Charis, ewin, alvin Chew, Aaron sim

9) The person who tagged me to do this Meme: simon seow
(Friends, please remember to tag me once you have done this ya? Coz I also want to know your secret birthday fantasy mah!!!)

To sweeten the deal, you can win some mystery weekly prizes, just by SMS-ing your full name, I/C or Passport Number, E-mail and Blog URL to +6016-281 3867 where the 3rd, 8th, 38th, 88th and 138th entries of the week will receive a mystery gift!

E.G: Tan Yi Ren 800302015566 SEND TO 0162813867

If your Birthday falls between 1 October to 31 December 09, go to to find out how you can win VIP invitations and an exclusive Birthday experience worth RM3,000.00 at the D’Ultimate Birthday Bash, happening on 3 October @ Bar Celona, Sunway Pyramid!

So, jump right in and start working on your answers. Do remember to have fun too! If you are wondering where this came about, check out for the answer!

Sep 7, 2009

wHen duSk crawls in

sKies have never fail me...

every part of it can be framed into something interesting

and Yes, I hope hitoMi will never fail me too

I doubt and doubt, as I always been, I need soMe insights but just Not tiMe yet

Let's not bother you with my personal stuffs, why not You squinted your eyes and see what is so Special about this photo

Drop your comment if you spot anything ^^

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