Aug 14, 2009

sHooting Eva with Mike Yip - Set twO

hitoMi shall present you the
Next set of Photoshoot with Eva Lim

SeXy, don't you thiNk so??

whY are You loOking at Me??

You want soMe fiGhts yea?!?!

I love the first pica the Most ^^
it is tiMe to say saYonaRa

Good Job eva!!

hitoMi was poisoNed again...when will I get my flash??


  1. hitoMi,

    Great photos of Eva!

    You caught her ability to project different moods very well!

    Photon 1 shows her legs very well!

    Photos 2 & 3 reveal her in a naughtier mood. Pic 3 hints of "don't mess with me..."

    Photo 5 is playful looking, and you caught her jump perfectly. (can you tell us how many times Eva jumped before you caught this shot?)

    You are right about fill flash or reflected flash for the last pic.
    Indirect flash would have given the photo more impact.

    Each time you work with Eva you appear to be learning how to work with your model!!!

    Kudos on a great shoot!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  2. David, thanks but there is no photo 5. Guess you must be distracted by her sexy photos?? ABout the jump shots, I have around 7 to 8 of them, but I chose this coz the best, in terms of composition, jump, facial expression ^^ what do you mean by i am right about indirect flash??

  3. Wow HitOmI that's great photos I ever seen befor, you are graet..

  4. really she is AsExy

  5. Nice shots. You make me want to find a model already. Who want to be my model?

  6. HitoMi^^,

    Indirect flash is the same as bounce flash or diffused flash.

    The idea is to soften the harsh light seen with direct flash lighting.

    The point being to soften shadow lines, and not to over power natural lighting.

    You are correct I am enjoying the pictures and not counting properly.

    Silly male creature that I am...


  7. Jayce, thanks. I can be one ^^

    David, hehe, excused


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