Aug 10, 2009

sHooting Eva with Mike Yip - Set oNe

hitoMi is back again.
this tiMe no more Hennessy
my First experience of moDel photoshoot!!

Let's enJoy the pictures ^^

I love this MOst!!



Last but not least, arroGance

thaNks to Mike Yip for this
Second set is Up soOn
Stay tuned!!


  1. wow!!so wild! nice shoot~

  2. you look really really fantastic in those pics, not the usual you, makes me go wow... like a grown up woman, nice posing by the way..

  3. hitoMi,

    Great photos of a Eva!

    This an excellent first with a model.

    Eva knows how to pose, and projects personality!

    My favorite is shot #3. The shadows appear less intrusive, and you show her legs off well.

    The last shot could have benefitted from a background light. Visit: for the setup.

    I know you do not have much money for equipment, so this link shows you how to find an inexpensive 3 light setup.

    A reflector could have helped with light control. Whether in a studio or outdoors a reflector can make the difference between a mediocore shot and a great shot.

    BTW, in your previous post you caught me. I looked so closely at the first photo, where your eyes just look soooo great, I looked a your dress only a little, and ignored the grey showing in all the other photos.

    Dumb man, yep thats me sometimes. Easily distracted.

    I really am looking forward to more of your photos. You slowly revealing true talent.

    Keep that talent growing my friend!

    You will likely develop into a great photographer!


  4. Ray, thanks!!

    Cindy, the girl is Not me ^^ I am behind the scene!!

    David, have to admit she Is good in this set of photos..yea, I stil haven't find time to get myself some diy stuffs >.< and here i dun see any walmart. Hard to find those materials. thanks for the advise and compliment ^^

  5. The model..... her long straight legs..... I want! Hehe XD

    Nice pics :)

  6. good job. can you share your light setting? Is this one light?

  7. Adele, I also want. I want her complexion too!!

    Ng hoon leng, Light? what you mean by this??


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