Aug 29, 2009

RanDom exploration

the saturday before Merdeka Celebration is a holiday for me
I need not to work

I am damn happy for that. I need much break that I initially thought
what I did for today was a ranDom exploration of which I had to wake myself up at 6am

Damn sleepy and the sky was like this

Sleepy betul lah...but then it is worthwhile

Sneak peak around KL, and some deserted places

that yet to be disclosed


  1. i need to work from Sunday to Wednesday.

  2. Simon, pity you...but you work lesser days haha!!

  3. hitoMi,

    I really like the sunrise photo!

    Great play of pre-dawn colours and the street scene!

    Can you tell me what the Merdeka Celebration celbrates?

    Not celebrated on this side of the Pacific.

    Enjoy the weekend and the celebration!

    More hitoMi modeling pics soon, please!

    BTW, what kind of strobe are you looking for?


  4. David, it is just a simple snapshot, nothing much. But what draws my attention was the mist surrounding the mountain which is not that obvious

    No celebration for me, but definitely you can check out the rest of the sites and news ^^

    Haha, modelling in process, will be disclosed soon. what kind of strobe they have??

  5. HitoMi^^,

    Looking forward to news regarding your future modeling!!

    What kind of strobe are you looking to use with your camera?


  6. David, I still don't understand, what kinda strobe they have??

  7. HitoMi^^,

    I thought you were looking for a strobe or better flash unit for your camera?

    If you are looking for a flash/strobe for your camera what works best with your camera?


  8. DAvid, hopefully getting a Nissin Di622 for temporary use...if i have more cash, probably getting canon flash

  9. hitoMi,

    I was very interested in reading that you will be doing a photoshoot with Joyce Tedoen!

    It is already Sept. 2 in your hometown. I wish you all the best with the experience.

    I look forward to some sample shots soon!



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