Aug 23, 2009

Pieces of thiNgs at Envy Club

it was quite a sudden plan when siMon seow Asked me to go for this Soft launch.

So here am I, waiting at Desa Park City, for his Pick up

Felt kinda stupid coz they didn't really serve food, but rather snacks, which was way way later

aFter I had this

they had performance on the stage and I had companies here

Love in the EnVy

we Had a Random Guy came up and showed us soMe magic

Guess what is he going to do??
Say, put two Polos ring together!!
aNd spot the Card in May & her Boyfriend's hand??
it is this random guy made two Cards into One both sided card

more performances by Hot hunk & sexy ladies

It was Humid and hot down the stage, so yea, I decided to get some cigar for the first time

Here you go, 50bucks, POOF!!

the ciGar goes to Simon!!

it was Cool and chilling up here, as compared to yea, I so reluctant to leave haha...

BTW, I didn't grab any cigar lol...haNya siMon yang grab

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  1. hitoMi,

    I get the impression you had a good time at Envy.

    You are right about the dancers, they are hot!

    Sign, no more pics of you... :(

    You need a good strobe for your camera. There numerous photography forums in your part of the world.

    Many folks are selling good very useable older equipment. Just what a newbie like you need, and with a little bargaining, can afford.

    Good luck searching for equipment.

    Best wishes for you success with exams this week.

    Let us know how well you do when the results are available!



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