Aug 22, 2009

PeePing in EnVy

here Comes the launch of EnVy club at Solaris, Mont Kiara

Do you love the Trademark??

I do I do...

So here am I

In EnVy's Looo

Love the skywat Bridge they have on upper floor...

See the heads down there and You see what's happening Up there too!!

waNna see what performaNce they have??

hee, what cha think?? it is My first tiMe watching such performance lol

Last but not least

Once again Beat-du-ba-la-boxing!!


  1. wow,,,the first picture is very cool,,,nice shot there!!

  2. hitoMi,

    The Envy logo is very interesting, with imagery left to the viewere own imagination.

    You pic is very pretty. The corners of your mouth are slightly turned up with the resulting image being a cross between...hmm, cannot be sure.

    However you learning to be much more expressive. Must be learning something from your models.

    Very pretty shot of you.

    Very HOT dancers!

    Enjoy what is left of the weekend and let me how well you do on next weeks exams!


  3. thanks deMOnd, i love it too!!

    My own shot is not intended. just shoot randomly as I always do. Nothing much learning from model. Going to have exam soon. So no time for model shoot. Need flash for Strobe!! I love the first dancer Shot!! something Strobist
    weekend was left with stacks of books

  4. Wei, I've tagged you :p

  5. I dun wan, simon, you are so bad!!


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