Aug 27, 2009

My first Model pHotoshoot

WoOt, here you go
this set is Mine

Many thanks to Mike Yip and I love this very much

And i make it my header ^^

Besides shooting Eva, this is what we did On the same day itself

He thinks this the best >.<

Last but not least, eMO shot that ends this post
it reminds me of this

Too fast and too furious, I cant help but hoping that I can have holiday
Merdeka is Coming, what is your plan??


  1. hitoMi,


    The two shots Michael Yip took of you are great. The one used on you page shows your moodiness, a hint of pout on the corners of your mouth, you eyes appear deep in thought. (Photographs speak a thousand words..yes?)

    The b/w photo is playful, youi smile and eye contact is captivating and appealing.
    (very nice legs!)

    Both photos have a girl next door appeal, the pretty, indeed, beautiful young women that you are is shown in these shots.

    Now all the followers of you blog will be waiting for pics of you, and of course those you shoot!

    You are most talented, and lucky that you can work both sides of the camera!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. i love you much..
    and you have a pretty sexy leg~
    my nose is bleeding now..


  3. hitoMi,

    I visited Mr. Yip's web site and looked at the 4 shots he posted.

    You really look like a lady rocker in the pic with the guitar!

    You really have a great presence in front of the camera!


  4. David, Yes, that is what I hope. I wish i could be both sides...which is yet to know.

    Cheekeong, dun bleed lah...tahan...

  5. still bleeding until now..


  6. wasai, so bad ah?? should see doctor edi!!


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