Aug 26, 2009


Ohayo Gozaimas, Though I know it is not that early either, But I am here again
*can someone please scold me??*

watched Murderer yesterday prior to the official release

So I shall present to you my personal review of the MOvie

Starring by aaron kwok

I would say he is a good actor by Seeing the transition of Mr Good into Mr Desperado

Thanks to the Adopted son, Sonny, here. You will never know what is Coming after you

Yes, aaron kwok has never expected someone could just put traps around him, making him gone crazy thinking that he is the One that murdered those innocent neighbours of his

Disgusted, definitely it is but again, it was not shown.

worst still, eventually He killed his best mate here. Pathetic enough.

The death of his wife was the point that drove him crazy.

That is when he turned into a maniac killing the ACTUAL MURDERER in order to save his one and only sister.

Everything started because of his big BULLY attitude in his young age.
I shall not reveal any further, it is for you to find out ^^

remember the movie Orphan??
You might not see the link between these two movies
But the thing is they are very much the same.

First, they started off with adoption of Child, without knowing their actual identity. That is the point where all the nightmares started.
Deaths, unexplained miseries, etc etc

Now you see my point?
SO you shall patch up the puzzles by yourself then.

Rating : 7.5/10

*hitomi Signing off*

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