Aug 19, 2009

Little hisses aBout orPhan

watChed orPhan yesterday and hitoMi is going to touCh alittle bit about the Movie

It was BLOOOOODY HELLISH to be in the movie.
NO one would want to be, I suppose.
Right guys??

Gonna write something different. soMething like previous District 9.

Whether a person is sane or not, it does not give him or her the right to kill.
It is ethically wrong.
And Fart it, Esther killed and did so gruesomely, Just for the plain reason for not getting what she wanted.

She looks like 9years old but she isn't. She is an EVIL WITCH!! She killed john for not Having SEX with her

She forced Max to do whatsoever things that she thought are all RIGHTFULLY to do so.

Poor Max, I like her so Much. So adorable and cute BUT kate & John have no idea what had they doNe that ruinned their oNce-happily-ever-after-family

THey have brought in a DEMON, a WITCH, or whatsoever you wanna name her

In the end, Kate is the only oNe realizing all the hell things that happened that Esther has managed to pull around with people around them.

Nobody trust Kate but onLy kate knows Esther has to be KILLED.

Esther, or to be exact, Leena, has not even deserved to be qualified to be mentally disturbed!! She should have be prosecuted from the very first crime!!

In a nutshell, hitoMi is very grateful that lines of good movies thrilled her way out.
District 9, Orphan & coming soon Final Destination.
Rating: 9/10
Must watCh!!


  1. wah..u hate her so much ya???

    I didnt see all the gruesome killings .. i have weak heart..

    HAHAHa..anyways, nice meeting you yesterday!!!

  2. nice to meet you too...she is so evil!!!how to not hate?? must see lol

  3. where is our camwhore pics?! haha!

  4. wen pink, i dun have any pictures with me. I didn't bring camera oh

  5. 9/10 means that i am forced to watch it, right?

    i'm inviting my friends now..

    prepare for the scream, maybe..


  6. yes, Cheekeong, must watch!!


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