Aug 31, 2009

hitoMi goNe crazy

Happy merdeka again, it is 31st August 2009 today.
Starting from tomorrow, the Petrol price shall rise
Why our pay still remain stagnant??

Back from digression, so Here is Hitomi

Sitting in front of the study table and start camwhoring

Acting cute and doing all sort of faces

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ACCA is killing me!!

So going to Chew the 6 Books this semester!!

Bless Me please~!!


  1. Ooo.. 6 box summore! :D
    woah Good luck wor! I like the first picture.. hehehe.. :D

  2. thanks jeffro, hee, digicam photo is Not bad after all...

  3. hitoMi,

    Right, you know how to look cute!

    The glasses make you look knowledgeable.

    The last two pics you look a little sleepy or suffering from eye strain.

    Good luck with your studies, and I will indeed pray for your success.

    Since you are an achiever I have no doubt your grades will be very good!

    May the Spirit guide your studies and efforts!


  4. i like all of those pics..
    but the 1 i like the most is..


    good luck in your study and also your life~

  5. good luck for you exam!

    and that thing on ur bed.. is err.... buluh rite? shit wat was that in english!? u slp on it or u use it as blanket?

  6. haha.. digicam is good.. :D
    So stick to it, it's very handy.. :P

  7. David, thank you ^^ I have dark panda eyes for years lol...hope I can pass this time

    Cheekeong, adui, macam ini kar??

    Tian Chad, Arigato!!

    Buttercup, Oo...that is what can be slept on...not blanket.

    Jeffro, sometimes yea, sometimes no

  8. Hahaha... Camwhoring before exams... Good luck ya

  9. but you are so confident when you are posing..
    for me, i cannot lo..

    by the way, i'm here to wish you good luck again~

  10. Camwhore is different thing oh, Cheekeong...thanks for your wishing again

  11. hahaha.. gimme a digi-handy-cam, and it'll be with me 24/7 :D

  12. Your camera also quite handy edi!!


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