Aug 2, 2009

heNnesSy arTistry suMmary rePort

YepPie yep, it was Back in KL
this tiMe it was
Bigger, Better, and BOLDER!!

let's See, I missed the One at Zouk, but Not the oNe at tHe Loft

HeNnessY oh My heNneSses, just I love it!!

Drop the Shots, You will Love apple Flava!!

this is Our one and only One Group Photos for BloGgers, photo credited to Jackie

Here You go, you can Have as Much shots You like

You can sway Your BOdy and Flail you hands

It was so Big that it was 10 folds of tHe loft

Spotlights On, sound Checked, Girls, are you Ready??

one BuCk short, no lonGer short of One BuCk

hoMies said Give me Your hands *show soMe hands*

DoMinique Tsai, with her sexy LeG being oOgled by the dancer

the emCees of the day - woNder who he and She is
But i have to say the Girl is Pretty^^

seriousLy hitoMi had lotsa fun and could not help but find myself mesmerizing at the Pure taste of HeNnesSy
maybe it is tiMe to steal My dad's

Obviously hitoMi was not fit for drive. tHanks to her driVer and the ShouLder ^^


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