Aug 8, 2009

HeNnesSy arTistry Self sHoot eleMente

WoKie, proMise this is the Last poSt of HenNesSy artistry

tHis tiMe let me show you those Mukas whoM i Camwhored with on that night itself
just a few...not really in the Mood to camwhore anYway

First oNe must be my Most-of-the-tiMe-driver ^^

Followed by Tzia, the pretty Babe

Thirdly, ewin Ee, whom has the Surname exactly the same AS my last name ^^

wenPink babe, whom has the Longest hair ever

mr Sa-Mon with Braces

Little Jolyn, the Cute and sexy babe, whom got injured in accident on that night itself *pray she is fine now*

Alvin chan, the Birthday Boy, so shall we?? *Cheers!!*

Last but not least, the LC boy & friendly aDele

mau Pukul punya muka lol


  1. surname is last name btw

  2. Oops, my bad >.< then middle name??

  3. HitoMi^^,

    You are so pretty in these photos!

    The litte black dress and your eye makeup look GREAT!!!!!!

    Let us know when Jolyn is better.
    I am praying for her health and recovery.

    Hopefully being a personal wellness coach has given her a stronger body than most us have.

    Enjoy you weekend.

    It has been raining here all day and tomorrow will be stiflingly hot and humid, for the first time this summer.


  4. Thanks for praying..
    Im doing much better d.. *muacks*

  5. David, it is Grey dress :p btw, nothing much about the make up, still the same ^^ she is tough girl. definitely will recover fast. Mosquitoes are killing me!!

    Liljo, hee, welcome. Hope to see you next event ^^

  6. HitoMi^^,

    Sorry I missed the dress color.

    You first photo just took my breath away, your eyes were so nice, nice, pretty. It appears I ignored the grey.

    Thanks for the update regarding Jolyn. I visited her site, and she appears to be a terrific young women, like you!


  7. David, apology accepted. So sweet of you ^^ still Noob in make up and my skin got worse so yea, have to reduce make up lol. I guess she appears to much terrific than Me!!


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