Aug 6, 2009

Hennessy Artistry ranDomity Part II

Sorry yea but don't nag hitoMi for posting HeNnessy artiStry again and again okie

It was the Best best Best event with free flow of HenNesSy
so Cool that I keep telling Myself
"I will not miss any HA again!!"

Bkt kiara is Way way way RoOmier!!
I love SPACE, and yes, I love

Cool lighting system and Cool crowds

I love these following shots very Muchie and it is Made possible with canon 18-200mm lens, which I purposely borrowed from eriC on that day itself

*Lift your hands Up ... in the Air*

Purple air, purple Lovers

capturing MOments

Camera rolling



  1. nice pics! but was is smoky inside? coz some pics are a litle blur blur.. hehe.. =)

  2. got one is blurred. the rest is not ^^


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