Aug 4, 2009

HenNesSy artistry ranDomity Part I

hOoray, toMorrow will be My PhotoShoOt
yes yes
MY photosHoot

Back to hennessy artistry, it was Not bombarded with Tonnes of Self shoots
Instead, more ranDomity shots

this is Just the first part of it
hope you enjoy it^^

It was not full moOn, but it was filled with blasting Fun!!

we Had soMe pretty companies over here

may I help you sir??

ahhh, yes, You do, My lil candy

And this is something to disgust you

Oops, did I just mention that??

PerHaps, this one was much decent

BodyGuard wanted, anYone??

the GlaMour moment

Pose it ladies and Gentlemen, we wil do the Snap snap for ya

one of the emCees

appearingly was kind of reluctant

time to Get back to work

tiMe to talk, smile, and JOke!!

shall we proCeed in house??
be patient and you shall

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