Aug 31, 2009

Happy MerdeKa everyBody

31 August 2009 Marks the 52th merdeka of Malaysia.
It has been so long, without much realisation
as the saying goes, time flies

Happy merdeka to all malaysians, and esp bloggers whom read this.

if you were to ask me Counting back what I have done this year, I hardly remember any

I have been stucking with Studies, OMG, and now, between studies, photography, and blog

I wish I was the doMokun

I want to ROAR ALL my STRESS OUT!!!!


  1. Merdeka to you too ^^

  2. happy merdeka...happy holiday....i love domokun tooo^^

  3. hitoMi,

    Happy MerdeKa Day to all to you and your fellow citizens.

    From one freedom loving nation to another!


  4. Anderson, selamat hari merdeka kawan kawan sekalian lol

    David, hee, you are welcome!!


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