Aug 16, 2009

FarmLand steamBoat

Again, another pending post...
Guess how long it has been??
*you guess yea, tell you later*

it was my first time visiting farmland steamboat
I googled it and found the location, and roughly drove our way there

Normal steamboat dishes

This is what we Came for!! the Porridge soup. we Ordered both Tomyam & porridge

this is My moM, whom currently holidaying at BeiJing with my nepHew, joachiM

My aunt, whom always complain me for not doing houseworks, which I did OKie!!

My dad

My bro, whom currently recovering from sickness

Last but not least, Me!!

WoOkie, how long do you think we dined in this restaurant??

It was one week before Father's day 2009!!

speNt 100++ for celebrating both MOther's day and Father's day together
worth it right??


  1. HitoMi^^,

    Your pic is very cute for ALSP.

    You really do have pretty eyes.

    My wife wondered why I looked at her eyes so often when we were courting, and I had to remind her that I found Asian eyes very provacative and enticng.

    Have a great week!


  2. thanks David, yes, I am cute lol
    my eyes are black, not so obvious in the picture.

  3. HiTomE mybe so long time


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