Aug 15, 2009

Review of District 9 Premier screening

it is Saturday...

watChed district 9 on wednesday, must say it is a great movie.

I like how the themes actually come into play.

From the initial so-called huMane eviction of Alien species, to the part where Wikus which accidentally turned himself into one of theM; how he lives like WANTED criminals; how he has been driven to the verge of Mortality in facing his huge terror of turning in an ALIEN himself.

The most realistic theme portrayed in the movie is how materiality comes into issue when Wikus's father-in-law refused to save Wikus from INHUMANE biological experiments, for the sake of

It links my mind back to what I have studied in Professional accountant paper, of which they call it the "ethical stance"

Wikus's father-in-law is a total S-hole Pristine Capitalist, for they only concern about how they can MAKE MONEY.
WORSE STILL, he cheated on his daughter, so Nicely and peacefully.
I was like What the CRAP!!

It explains why Deep ecologist has denied the fact that, HUMAN can actually take care of the environment and social. Most of the human drives by the POWER OF GREED, and they think for themselves rather than for others.

Pretty sad case huh??
*sorry for the Technical stuffs*

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