Aug 12, 2009

Blue Blue sKy

hola wee, hitomi found herself stung by vicious mosquitoes and ended up lost all concentration that she needs to study

later will be heading to Laundry bar for digi event & watching District 9 at Cineleisure, which means lesser time for study
>.< >.<

So speechless, why why why, why can't i just get some peaceful moment to study??

gotta go, tata
*force myself to study!!*


  1. i love what you did to your blog, really nice header picture you have there... and the whole layout is clean and simple...

  2. hitoMi,

    You need to try studying overseas.

    Some where farther north. Summer up here (43N) has been so cool that mosquitoes have been few.

    Fall, and cooler weather will return around October, and even September will bring about cooler days and nights. All means fewer bugs outside.

    Nice pics of the sky and clouds agains the dark foreground!!


  3. in d 2nd photo, d cloud looks like a knight on his

  4. Cindy, thanks!! haha, was thinking wanna design own template but still have no time to figure it out.

    David, it is all random shots. Initially was thinking wanna post it up or not and i left it in my draft for like few months??

    Prettyboyforyu, what a long name but I know who are you. Sorry but I have bad imagination LOL

  5. wahlau! i love the 1st picture loh; the reflections & all. *jeles sial*

  6. Tey cindy!! it is my pleasure to have you here my dear haha

    yes lo...hee, i also tak sangka so jelas lol...janganlah jelesku!!


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