Jul 27, 2009

welCome back Chee Hoo san

this is the Special posting for mr Chee Hoo san, whoM has left TAR College for quite some time and decided to proceed with his studies in Ipoh.

HOla it was school holiday and he caMe back to Visit us!!

PiCa tiMe

instead of listeNing to the Lecture, we ended up Snapping Picas LOL.

wOopsy, sorry for the poor quality of Photos, it was taken using my Olympus
Now you see How muCh a digiCam and DSLR can do >.<

Last but Not least

My girl girl & Me

Stay strong and we will get this Over soOn


  1. HitoMi^^,

    Nice to read that you are one break from school.

    No breaks from work for either me or my lovely spouse until a long weekend in September.

    Sigh, if I were still single, I would be asking if any of your cute friend were in need of a bf.

    Fortunatley, I am happily taken!


  2. David, we were still having class when he came over during his holiday haha!!

    Haha, you sound so desperate indeed. I wonder how do you look like


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