Jul 10, 2009

MoOn Kuasa Dua

9th July 2009 MorninG 7am

the Moon was a total Roundish to the Max, shimmering its Light so brightly that I squinted.
Apart from that, I spotted something unusual.

Initially, I thought of my lens dust, but it did not seem so after few shots...

The unknown object was swiveling around the Moon in certain degree of Orbit

Most probably it was the MooN's Moon
so is
Moon Square


Finally, the nice MooN without Unknown Moon

it is a friday night now. How coMe I can't go for Partay like the rest??


  1. Er..because you have to study for exam and you have to work on Saturday?

  2. that 1 should be flare. when u shooting directly to a light source, you will get flare.

  3. love the moon effect (or is it!?) maybe there is really something orbiting the moon...

    and i love your new blog layout, really really cool..and girly..

  4. simon, you know it well *sigh*

    hoon leng, maybe, but why would it be at different places at just seconds??

    cindy, thanks^^ not sure whether it is true about the moon moon. Hee, better layout, ain't it?

  5. Ha!! It's not a unknown object just a flare from the moon.

  6. fuyoh~~~
    nice leh those moon moon pics!!!

  7. Kalvin khoo, okie dokie...haha!! I never experience it ^^

    Lisa717, thank you my dear


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