Jul 29, 2009

TurKish Love

it is a Random WedNesday
hitoMi is Heading to enVy club toNight
*fuLL of enViously filled air *

as uSual, refraining myself from the Net and yet I failed

still Got lots more to Do and so Little tiMe

HeNnessy Artistry Photos are left untouChed
soRry for the deLay

stay tuned while enjoying tHis turKish love


  1. HitoMi^^,

    Great Pics!

    Wonderful framing and depth of field manipulation!

    The slightly out of focus branches seperate you photos from the ordinairy!

    Do I see a photo/travel journalist growing? ? ?


  2. thanks david, erm, regarding the journalist, i am not really good in writing though

    depth of field manipulation... I still have no idea how to. But it was taken spontaneously with 50mm. Guess it is the effect

  3. HitoMi^^,

    "...depth of field manipulation... I still have no idea how to. But it was taken spontaneously with 50mm. Guess it is the effect."

    Think F/Stop and apeture.

    Play with those settings and you be the master of depth of field.

    Telephoto lenses can create great drama with very shallow depth of field.

    So much fun learning all this!

    BTW, a photo journalist first must take the shot, the words will often come from your heart.


  4. F stop is not the same as aperture??

    shallow depth of field, is it not the deeper the more dramatic??

    i see i see, it was mere rumble of mine

  5. HitoMi^^,

    Correct F stop = aperture.

    Think about using Depth of field as part of the photographers artistic tools.

    Example; go back the picture of the turtles take two shots, one at F2 or as close as possible, next shot at F 16.

    Compare the result, which shot is more dramatic.

    shallow depth of field can be very dramatic when the situation calls for isolating a subject. Many photos need a deep depth of field.

    All depends on what you, the artist want to portray.

    Have fun!

    BTW the weekend is almost here. have a great time!


  6. david, i have no 50mm for now >.<
    never mind, my kit lens can do it lol..but wont it be too dark??

    same to you too...have fun!!

  7. HitoMi^^,

    Play around with different subjects, anything from bodyscapes to landscapes.

    Lighting will determine whether your pic will be to dark.

    The great thing about digital photos is that one never waste chemicals or paper as one would have during the 35mm film era.

    I know, I used to develop my own film and prints!


  8. David, what is bodyscapes?? yea, have to agree the intelligence of Digital technology - we wont cry seeing failure pictures!!

  9. HitoMi^^,

    Visit the Flickr.com page below.


    The DoF, Depth of field, group has great examples and details on using the F stop to dramatic effect.

    I am waiting for you next artistic outburst!


  10. David, i am lazy and occupied with stuffs..hopefully I can have some time for snapshots


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