Jul 12, 2009

takiNg a break

Ola readers, hitoMi would be having exam on this coming week

three Mock-tests-like-mid-term-papers to be doNe and 2to3hours each *sigh*

I have no choice but to Chew every siNgle page of My booksssssssssss

But, I have soMe consolations!!

hitoMi will be going Poppy on Thursday - to have FUN!!!! *woOt*

TuesDay, I will have dance Lesson for MiChael JacksoN thriLLers - it is MissioNary
*shh, just between You and Me*

21st I will be goiNg broGa hill for Hiking for sunset for everyThing under the Sun & MOon ^^

So basically I can't be here most of the tiMe. ParDon me.

For tarCians whom will be having Convocation in July, hitoMi is offering herself for hire.

It is suCh A great Deal that you miGht not want to Miss by having hitomi running Your errand (shooting pHotos for yea)
for just
RM 60 (2hours) and PromiSing you Unlimited shots!!!

so What cha waiting for??
Contact me if You are interested.


  1. good luck in your upcoming exams and study smart ;)

  2. HitoMi^^,

    Best of luck on the mock-tests and mid-term papers!

    You are in my prayers young friend!


  3. jessica, I hope I can ace it >.<

    David, thanks for your prayer

  4. Anonymous8:28 PM

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