Jul 18, 2009

sTatioN one, Coffee, and Mates

it has been such a long time that I have lost contact with my seconDary school mates, But glad that I had made up for this Primary schoolMates gathering.

how Long it has been??

*scratch head*
No idea leh...

Not maNy of us, nothing much about it

drink drink, talk talk, blow water

so who maDe their aPpearances this tiMe??

haha...this two Guys here used to be very tiny PiMpies in class but see how well they have grown up

Gayish, don't you thinks so???

and this Guy here....

is that a Good thing that this Camera shy Guy here failed to recognise me??
Maybe lol...I won't ever disclose any of my school age photos man!!

tiMe flies, and hitoMi has grown Up *sigh*

But still there is always time for Coffee


  1. hitoMi,

    The pic of MoonWei and you is so cute.

    Just want to hug the both of you.

    Of course I will not do that, however the cuteness factor is off the chart.


  2. David, long time didn't see you appearing in my blog. Guess you must be real busy. Anyway, thanks for the huggies ^^ too bad You can't

  3. hitoMi,

    I got a promotion at work. Very nice pay bump, and a lot more work.

    I now visit most of the blogs I read at home after work. Time wise that has everyone in Asia sleeping or just waking up for the new day, while my day winds down.

    BTW, are actually in District 9??????


  4. HitoMi^^,

    I have been away since I got a promotion at work, nice pay bump!

    Much busier since I have a lot to learn, so webtime is way down.

    I check your site from home most of the time, and this the first chance to visit since last week.

    Any of the photo DYI projects started?

    Have fun and a great weekend!



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