Jul 5, 2009

ReFurbisHed & reNovated

woOot, finally I can use My new CPU!!
daMn nice can...
Now I can MSN, BLogging, listeNing to Music, edit photos with several softwares!!

beFore I refurBish it, it LooKed so Pitiful like this

Left Nothing but the wires & my flat screen LOL

wHere is My CPU??

Neh, still SolemnLy sitting on the Floor - one waiting to be WRAPPED UP while another one waiting to be PLUGGED IN

One tallie and One shortie LOL

Ahhhhh, so Many things to be Done man, from Setting up, to Installing windows, Drivers and Softwares!!

But thank goodNess Xian Long is Kind enough, allowing me to Budge him on and off about this and that^^

Now it is Finally Done
Happily enJoying the In-Ness!!


  1. new brain ledi, can chat msn with a lot people already lo

  2. icalvyn, exactly!!


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