Jul 16, 2009

Last PieCe of JuNgle shot

Hitomi Hisses : Just finished my final mid term paper and I was crapping again, *ehem* since when it has become so naturally cultivated....I have no idea how much I will score as the uncertainty left unestimated >.<
Back dated to 26 May 2009, my friend, eric & I did this photoShoot in Tar College.
It was the worst nightMare ever
Can you imagiNe you just stand there for mere seconds and the Mosquitoes will give you Countless Love bites??
Cut the Crap Man, don't ever go there >.<
so here is the Final piece of photoShoot, which is rather Out of the theme - Lost in JunGle

searching for shelter under the misty rain
*owh, how nice if I were to stuck in my bed and having my Sweet Honey Lemon Dream*

Cornelius, being the model of the day, got the most shots ever but this would be the only satisfying shot

wHich one do you prefer??

thanks for the company, for the mischief, for the mosquitoes and for the rain
**Show Me soMe loVe**
Clubbing Plan is Called off
I want a Break!!


  1. wah...so many nyamuk in TAR college one ah

  2. Jungle ah jungle ah!!

  3. Hi!...jungle shot? nice shot.. i notice your blog don't have Recent Comments widget..want some please visit custom your blog recent comments

  4. you are making me miss tar college. i use to study in that lecture hall... is it dk b??? i remember it having cold air conds and definitely loads of mossies...

  5. Alexl, it does not worked out...

    Cindy khor, haha, when you come back then you shall pay a visit ^^
    Mossie?? what is it


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