Jul 20, 2009

hOw I misSed BreakOut dance

BreakOut daNce was a hiLarious ass kicking blast
I wish wish wish I could be there

How duMb I have been...
I won the tiCkets from LG but I didn't get the tickets mailed to me
SoooOOO....i cannOt enter the DanCe hall either
*smaCk head*

Pathetically, I actually went to KLCC and met up with those BunChes of friends and Had diNner of whiCh i eventually realise the Disaster that struck me so Badly!!

eVerything seeMed so perfect

D foOd

thouGh pricey and So so quality

D comPanies

aNother loNg siGh~~~~
hitoMi hitoMi, don't ever do such a stupid thing EVER!!

to wrap things Up

It was nice to Hang Out with yOu guys

If onLy it was Much Perfect....


  1. heys!! long time didnt come here d!!

    cery cery nice blog i very very like!! XD

  2. thats saddening =(

  3. marCus, indeed it is very Long time...thanks for your liking lol

    seraph, true...sigh

  4. wiLson...next time okie ^^

  5. wah...gathering and ais kacang session...chun ler

  6. heard about ur case! .

    so sad!

    lol i was there for the breakdance thingy! lol.

  7. Vialentino, it was haha!!

    ewin, give me huggies LOL


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