Jul 2, 2009

BeHind tHe sceNe of JuNgle shoOt

Hola, hitoMi is Back with Brand New Desktop with Greater PerformaNce.

It was My first attempt installing windows, drivers, and softwares all by My own.
But luCkily I have My friend, Xian Long, to Assist me from purchasing to carrier, from carrier to installing.
Thanks aLot dude!!

Oh forest Dear Foreste, How Could I ever forGet to credit you^^

Never exPect Tunku Abdul Rahman College has suCh a nice forest?? You might want to ThiNk again LOL

CorneLius, being random Much

The skY was kinda murky and in fact, it rained

Me, being ranDom as well - sorry for the Pimples and Eye bags >.<

here was it where CorneLius & cHaris sHot was taken

WaNna give another Try??


  1. oo new com ... what is the specs?

  2. HitoMi^^,

    The forest you took the photos looks like a very pretty place to do a shoot.

    What about the evil little mosquitoes?


  3. Serge, 320GB harddisk, ASUS ATI 512MB, 4GM ram, Intel Dual core 2.5GHZ

    David, i cant help to say it is nice. But need reflectors to shoot, and whole lot of mosquitoes REPELLANTSSSS

  4. aiyo, din giv me this also XD lol... I grab it~

    Btw, hitomi got lot mosquito bite that day. I see also susah hati =.=

  5. cornelius, sorry lo...you grab it kay...It took me few days to cure leh!!

  6. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Woots! New layout! Very nice oh! New computer must be very fast de. Heheheheh!

  7. wow~~ nice shot with Wei again^^

  8. Joshua, yea yea, it is New!! from black layout to white layout - must be real obvious huh?? and it is faster CPU than last time hehe


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