Jun 14, 2009

we Roared we RoCked murNi!!

we StoOd out and we RoCked

so What now??

The party Ain't end, and it never end so Early, riGht peeps??

we TOok on another Mission to HuNt MurNi doWn!!
HOw eaSily and spectacuLar it happened - It just HappeNed without MuCh congreSsion *wiNk*

Ola hula, here we were COLONIZING MurNi!!

LiKe GanGster sial - Don't PLay Pray ah....

it was My first tiMe MuRni-ing and what I had was

three BiG cups of Unknown MixTures

CraZy meh...waNt Olitu (stoMachache) also Not GuLping three Big Cups like tHese!!

I onLy had This - they Named it HoNey Dew speCial - actually Not that speCial saja, it is just HONey dew bleNded with few chuNks of honey Dew & WaterMelon LOL

SurPriSingly the PiCa turned out to be MuCH muCh NiCer than I thouGht!! *ehem, I sMoked*

Had Nothing Heavy for supper - NeeD diet Oh!! *PinJam Suresh's MakanaN*

At first the taBles started with "I" shape, then it eVolved to "h" shape......
and it ended up with 14 TABLES!!

Okie lah, I was seated soMe further corNer, quiet and Not that haPpening

So I just Played with My camera & made this Sun Meet Star sHot again

MuShi muShi, wataShiwa HitoMi des^^

tHen Dusty main main with the NerDy speC - haha, Geek betul Ni!!

so Nice riGht, I pun Mau play play

Weee...I Love this Cool shot

LC shot also Not bad haha^^ Like GTO lol


BefoRe we Left hoMe, Spotted this PecuLiar car

WoOt, so Nice man...there were few of theM liNing up!!

thanks JaCkie for the ride^^

so I could sHoot with my camera

LiGhtning StruCk - D best Light Shoot of the Day!!

anD soMe random shots

Fun fun Fun!!
WiSh I could just have MOre *roar*

52 peoPle MObbed MurNi!!
Picture credited to Ewin


  1. murni give u guys any special discount not?

    i long time not been there ledi, miss the roti over there.

  2. that is many-iest person i'd seen at a mamak. and one long long long table full of people. its fun to have so many friend gathering together. the lighting effect really is good. i heard that its hard to get them right.

  3. wow!! This is so COOL!!
    52 ppl eh..it's a BIG amount of ppl!!

    btw, the peculiar cars belong to the boss of Murni..hahah..

    anyway, dear, may i know how to shoot light struck pics?? it's really cool oooo~~

  4. mr Dream :
    DisCount?? I have no idea but I dun think they gave us. My honey dew is 5bucks..discounted??
    What is nice over there??

    CIndy Khor :
    haha, true true, it was my first tiMe yamcha after event and there were so Many of theM lol

    about those pictures, I just toOk it without MuCh hesitation and see what kind of result it yielded.
    Surprisingly it was pretty Good^^

    Lisa717 :
    You must be kaki Murni dah haha...
    You just need to put longer shutter speed and increase the aperture^^

  5. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Cool lighting effects.


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