Jun 24, 2009

uGly photos - aiLee birthday Celebration @ zouK

hitoMi is BaCk again after leaving this little dearie blog of Mine leave untouched for 3days

*sHot taken at wardrobe - full of MirroRs*

*See the PiLes of Clothes??*

Have you watched transFormer 2??

I did I did, on 23th JuNe. Ooo...just 4 more days, it will be my BirthDay lu...
I wish I have suCh a big wardrobe with so Many nice CLothes!! I wish I have my own Laptop!!

How to Celebrate it Man - it is the 21st!! *scratch head* don't think so MuCh I Guess, or else I would be ...

*Come clean but that was not our destination*
Wee, I will be Off on SaturDay^^ so Nice kan? I will be going to UrBanscape for the very First tiMe!!

throNgs of people LiNing up to zouK, as if there is free entrance for everyBody lol

WaiTed for Half an Hour, I GueSs, and Finally we were IN!!

tHough I am not 21 yet, but soOn, I just went in without aNy IC checking *woOt*
I had BlaCk laBel with CoKe *YuM yuM*

But ai Lee showed the Sour FaCe - lemOniZed lol

CluBbing with a BunCh of thirties was My first tiMe - I just Chilled on my seat and toOk soMe shots wHenever I want thOugh zOuk prohibits Camera *slap forehead*

so Shall I present you those DeCent shots first before You start to Gasp LOL

riCk's Gf, riCk & aiLee's HuBby

teQuila sHots!!

riCk & aNn - still in SoBer state

aNn & her friends

riCk acting Gayish with aiLee's HuBby - Deadly conCoction tiGhtly held and tastefully sipped

the SiSters aGain ^^

haZel's brother & aiLee - BlusHed and AddiCted

the Lovely COuple with ViCtory siGn?!

that's aLL for the deCent shots

here COmes the Ugly sHots LOL

Ah, MolestiNg seSsion?? riCk's gf memang kind thOugh riCk was molesting Guy in front of her

haZel being skeptiCal lol

Wasai, so FierCe!! (Conversation : If you don't finish it, I will FINISH you)

Me beiNg tiPsy...

haZel being so NauGhty with Bf around

me & aNn - camwHore during danCing

Kay kay, prepare before You scroll further...

sPeeChless - who ToOk this Man!!

aNd this - ChoppinG my face Off

LiKe this oNly acceptable ^^

*Cough* I have no idea man...

RaiNbow and draMa in the Club LOL

this is what I call it - the FOrced smile

oOps, small kids please do Not see!!

*eHem...wHen ddi this being taken?*

Ala...didn't drink also can get druNk??

Heee, it was daMn fun, of course after I got tipSy and started swaying along with the MusiC
UntiL the musiC stops~~

tiMe flied, I have NO idea how coMe it was 4am by then >.<

KaY, I was still soBer, tell yea, I was!!

hitoMi & aiLee TERRITORIZED the LIFT!!

BonJour, tiMe to hit the saCk


  1. urbaaaaaaanscaaaaaaaaaaapes!!!

    YEE HAH!

  2. serge, of all the things you said this *shake head*

  3. HitoMi,

    You appear to have had some fun that night my tipsy young friend!

    Anyone gaining entry to the TERRITORIZED lift were in the company of two very pretty ladies, not to mention nice legs.


  4. David, nice legs? haha, you must be kidding but yea, I had lotsa fun!!

  5. wow!!!
    great nite!!!

  6. that's your wardrobe?
    OMG! your house sure damn big >.<

  7. wenJing!! no no no. that is My cousin's...


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