Jun 11, 2009

StandOut with TiGer @ HQNiNe - 060609

Hola my fellow readersssss
HitoMi is back to serve you, Masters & Misters^^

It was the aGong's Birthday, what's More to say??
it was HoliDay HOla!!

hitoMi has to work on SaturDays, ain't it sad??
Yea, I know but I was OFF *weee....JuMpie MooD*

HitoMi had Made her appearaNce in the standOut party, tHanks to Nuffnang and TiGer for the double passes^^

Anxious for few days on tiny little Matters - how to Go, what to where - bla bla bla...

thanks to JaCkie for being My driver of the day - Alas, a party without driVing & able to sNap this eVening shot^^

Was slightly late, But not as late as the rest LOL

It was My first tiMe, and even Jackie's first tiMe to TTDI plaza, but thanks Goodness we Found it with ease

Hot and HuMid - I can't think of any other words to describe the Weather
I started to sweat within few minutes & My make up started to sMear @@

Oh just ForGet about it, we still had Lots MoRe things to be Done

Ah ah Ahhhhh, You have just Got it riGht again - it is SS tiMe!!

YuNg Chien - it has Been long tiMe I haven't meet him sinCe zoHan screeNing *huGgies*

SiMon Seow - he Came as Seow Lang (ManiaC) LOL with Lois Red Undie Inside Out and a towel as HoOd

Heeee, My girl frieNd, Charis, making her First appearance in Nuffnang event - there Goes my another Pass

JeNg, jeNg, JenG, jenG~~ JaCkie *Chan --> Loi*

Alvin Chew - Haha, luCkily You spotted Me^^

How Could I miss out the StaNd out??

NO waY man - POsiNg with Charis & LiaNg, the eMcee, whoM I have Met twiCe ever siNce from Nuffnang MusiC bash

Kay kay kay, Let's headed in!!

a Nice Hue of Purple - unintended, unedited, unexpected

Alvin asked: "HQniNe riGht??"

hitoMi : "Yea yea dude - LooK up there"

Wooo....so Dark that I nearly Fell

*Kidding kidding*

Spotted few FamiLiar faCes here

Dusty, SiMon & Yatz

Voila people, Let's the Party BeGin!!

LiaNg & Jojo Struys on the MiC - anYbody say " Jo Li jO" ??

Light diNner was served before all these started
Of course, the free flow of the night would be TIGERSSsssssss

so BasiCally everyOne of us had two Nuffnang Dollars, denoted in 10 each
Our Mission was to get as Much dollars as possible from Challenging Nuffnang staffs to Get $$, which would be used to Bid later.

there was Nintendo out for Bidding

Of whiCh goes to the SPARTANS *Roar* - obviously they were ShoCked

BaNanas for Bidding

Of which the Poser SparTan, the Cowie & YeeHouTheBegger could not help to Grab it!!
Oh oh, Yee Hou Looked so Drunk lol

tHe sPartan & baNanas

wHat's Up next??

The Bidding went on liKe this - There is no sinGle idea of what it would be but You have to Bid on the Nuffnang Staff and you can Call as high as you Can *wiNk* but she was definitely What you would get LOL

FuNny item like Umbrella Could be bidded with few HunDreds

Of whiCh Howard-the-lucky-cameraman Got it - Can use as reflector NOw LOL

And even Branded item, like ArmaNi exChange!!

How MuCh was bidded?? 900dollars?? IsaaC was real Lucky to win a Couple belt

ChaRis & I managed to Get two GOLD CLASS TICKETS to watch ANY MOVIE
Many thanks to Huai Bin whom Donated his 240Dollars to Us *HuG hug*

That was Our $$$$$

Of Course there were gaMes, but only for Guys

DeMo by two emCees

Guess wHo woN?? Of course Liang with Pink Legging

woNder how it was played??

Now you KNow how - it was Tian Chad VS keNny sia aka suSan boyle!!

Who woN??

SurpriSingly it was a WoMan, SusaN sia

He or She walked away with RayBan shade *keNny boyle screamed: SomeBody wanna steal My shade!!*

LiaNg never fail to entertain the Crowds - You know what I mean??

Oooo, almost forGot, it was a STANDOUT party
whiCh means you can dress as ANything you like and just See if you are the lucky oNe to walk away with Xbox & Coach Bag!!

WooHoo, you can see Lotsa intruders here

Bio-deformed Cowie, Egypt Queen, Scissor Hand

Belly DanCer and Lots more!!

Scissor Hang aka Joseph Lee was Popping with SciSsorssssss - and he Got himSelf the Xbox *COngrats dude!!*

Gold Pork Chop was doing BriDge with the CostuMe - WooHoo, heavy ain't it?? *But it was worthwhile for a Coach*

the StaNdouts of the Night with 2 emCees

wAit wait wait, it was SoMeone's Birthday!!

wHo who Who??


tiMothy tiaH, the boss & his Lovely girlfriend, Audrey *Spot Cheesie & kiNkybluefairy??*

KesiaN tiMOthy, Buffiday Boy had to be Bullied LOL

and that Marked the end of the StaNdout party
and it also Meant

it was tiMe for soMe GAGA!!

CauGht candid but Not very uGly lol

I can't hear You....*apasal Charis face maSuk dah??*

the Club was not really haPpening, and I dislike their soNgs - it was soOooo boring!!
That's why I decided to go YamCha at Murni, SS2, whiCh would be covered in Next pOst^^

In the Meanwhile, back to the HitoMism!!

ChrisToCk that talk ToCk non Stop

AuDrey the Pretty stuDent

POSing with the SpartaNs

Suresh, the Theredalf - I hardly Spot you >.<

NiGel, the FlyGuy - tarak SeManGat dah??

zHao, the tall CameraMan - hitoMi felt herself so TiNy LOL

Ewin Ee, the YouNg aircraft enGineer - wHen bring me go ShoOting??

HOward U, the LucKy ella guy - Don't show this Face lah!!

CooKie doNut - Whoa, he Won something Man!!

Ola, it is Us aGain *BOrrowed Hat*

WenPink, the Korean Girl - 4 PeOple in a FraMe - no ProBlem *WooT*

a Girl whoM I forGot my Name aGain *sowee*

Su Ann aka PiNk Pao, the Lady Cop - still So pretty oh!!

PiNk pork Chop turns GoLd *Congrats for wiNning the Coach!!*

IsaaC, the luCky winner for AX - Ala, look so Old man here

FirDy, the sauDi araBia guy - Still so Cute with the Cool shade

HuaiBin, the-not-so-innocent-guy - thanks for the $$

ChaRis & iSaaC - the ScanDalous "Couple"

JOjo StruYs, the Pretty emCee of the Night - what a Cute & nauGhty face^^

ChaRis & keNNy Boyle - sHort abit shorter!!

KeNny sia, My inspirator - DaMn funny exPression on the Face

meLissa & KY - Sowee for Interrupting yea *wiNk*

Don't show that FaCe lah...

CinCau haNgus tapi tak HinGus - haha, Where is Your speC??

JessiCa, the LioN babe & JoSh, the Pirate - be Careful of your GuNssss

Chris Thoo, the speaking toMato - But why I can't spot any ToMato??

YatZ, the Maid - He has silkier, longer hair than Mine >.<

Dusty and Sweaty - Wee, cute TeDDy^^

Trio #1 - Nah, don't point point okay...

TriO #2 - JaCkie, where is My tiGer??

ScanDalous PiCca

IsaaC & Josh - Why must you guys act so Gay??

It was Fun to hang Out again after missiNg in action for few events
Can't wait for the Next^^

Last But not Least

the Story of Susan BOyle Kenny Sia & the BusH

the End of StaNdout LoOong Post --> tiMe to SleeP *waVe*


  1. wah nice and looong!
    lets go shoooot!

  2. seems like you had great fun at the party, sigh, i wish i were there... the shot of the sky looks great. nice pics. kenny is absolutely hilarious with his outfit.

  3. HitoMi^^,

    You are having just to much fun!

    You look so cute and fethcing in the hat. Your eyes just pop out, they are so pretty.

    In several of the photos your eyes are so dreamy looking. ;-)

    The gaGa shot has you looking very, very hot and pretty!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. hiya! Jackie-chan sanjou!

  5. omg such an ugly photo of me ... with my sleepy face, how could you ?!!?!?

  6. Ewin, wait you ajak

    Cindy, don't so sad everytime. Cheer up, I bet you have interesting life over there. thanks^^ I do agree with you. Kenny is very funny

    David, I need to buy one for myself^^ It looks much better ain't it??
    It is intended to look dreamy and I like the GAGA shot too

    Jackie chan Oh!!

    SerGe, heeee, next time make sure you sleep enough before attending events LOL

  7. wow..u met lot ppl there

  8. wow wow wow!!
    what a long post with interesting pics!!! like+Nang it!! hehehe..

    i'm sure u enjoy a lot in this event!!!

  9. chuan guan, Yea, you are right. It is always the chance to know more people from different background

    Lisa717, thanks for the nang^^
    have u ever attended events like this?


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