Jun 8, 2009

LunChing in Waffleworld

Studies and studies, Makes hitoMi a Dull girl

I am finally back to my BloG, after 2 days withOut update *forCed smile*

I waNna thank tHis person whom Treated me this tiMe^^
Now we are considered fair square

My driNk - Iced MocHa *I think Lah...*

The set LunCh of the day - Dory Fillet *Thumbs up* You should try this Though the portion is rather pitiful

Mixed Nut Waffle with VaniLLa ice Cream topping - Hmm, I personally not quite like it. ShouLd have go for the typiCal waffle

Hee, Cheer Up yo!!

Located in One utaMa new WiNg

My hoSt of the day

tHanks for the treat^^ it is aGain to celebrate My last week Of internShip *wee* riGht after Chilis

ArgHhhhhh...stuDies agaiN >.<


  1. i love waffle, sadly i can't get them here. and i can't make my own T__T. the mocha looks nice

  2. it is my first time trying waffle here.

    but if you said those waffles at streetside then it is not my first time but those streetside are not bad either

    you can have plenty of them when you are back in malaysia^^

  3. Study is better than work. I wish that I can study again... ^_^

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    @Joyce: seconded. I don't miss exams though.


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