Jun 28, 2009

a Little bit of UrBanscape-Ness

BaCk, am I, here, updating the Little tiNy bit of UrBansCape-Ness

It was rather Plain, and Not much surprises as I have expected
Perhaps I have toO much to expect, but it is true that I have another saMe feedBaCk on it!!

oh weLL, the MOst happening area would be the X-lawn where they had Pop shuvit, yuna, Killeur calculateur *citing from the small bOoklet*
I hung around with Pop shuVit and went off for SuMOlah and Deepset x NyoBa Kan where a Guy actually Danced with the MusiC!!

NOthiNg mucH for my BirthDay, just Had a Bar of toBleroNe from Dusty, thanks alot ^^
thanks to everyBody that wished me, and yea, hitoMi is 21 officially!!
Got myself two GarMents^^ Give Myself a Pressie haha
tHere was alittle drama - HitoMi lost her RiGht coNtact lens!!
So daMn sweat, and it maDe me scrutinizing the RoaD for like 15min or more >.<
and Guess where I fouNd it?? (shall be revealed in mY coMment)

OKie dude, hope You guys can Wait yea. I need to Upload My photos but NOw I can't.
Wait till I have Got my new CPU this coMing tuesday^^
woOt, just can't wait!! but it also means I am so GOing brOke!!


  1. though i gt the tickets bt unfortunately cant go ler...sigh..so i passed the tickets to one of my blogger fren~ cant wait for more pics from u~ hehehe...

  2. Owh, how come?? If not maybe we could bump into each other *wink*


  3. wei hitomi...happy belated bday to u ler...21 liow ler...got freedom key liow...

  4. So, where did you find it? :D

  5. dun tell me it drop on ur shirt or pocket -_-...

  6. thanks Via, but whether I have the key or not, stil it is the same

    fuMoffu, haha, like what Jackie said, inside my shirt - found dried and I managed to revive it!!

  7. HitoMi^^,

    Good to read you found the contact.

    I had lasik surgery a few years ago.

    Works great!

    Are you working on any of the DIY photo equipment projects?


  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    you lost your contact lense??
    aduii... >.<

  9. David, how high was your power? I wish to have lasik surgery too...but guess I have to wait.

    I have not got time to do DIY stuffs. Sigh~~

    Kenwooi, yea lo...but thank goodness I found it back ^^


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