Jun 5, 2009

I Love KFC Flava’ Roast

When I said : Finger Licking Good
what is your first thought that strikes you??

Ah ah aHhhhh...
As a Malaysian, you should be pretty familiar with it.
wHat is it then??

*trumpet blowing*
it isssss theeeeee "Kick fat Chicken"

*whispers arose*
Okay okay, I was kidding. It is Kentucky Fried Chicken
I love the Hot & spiCy - what aBout you??

But wait!!
Do you know that it has came out with a new product line named after "Flava Roast"?

So my Mission, or shall I say, our Mission is to....


Without further Digression, shall we start our very Own introduCtion??

Get set - One, Two, and Threeeeeeeee

Grrrr...Don't you ever Take away Mine!!

So You must be imagining how good it tastes like right??

Heee...It is very Cute and Nice to Play with^^

*slap Forehead*
Sowee sowee...

So so so, is it finger licking Good??

everyBody say "Yea!!"

But but but, I still love the Hot and spiCy, very very Muchie!!

there is SoMething you don't know.
I think they Put soMe ecstacy in the FlaVa!!

Don't believe me??


And we started to act weird

And we go GAGA!!

Oh My goodness
CLose your eyes if you can't bear to see it

What had Flava roast doNe to Me!!


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    for the contest?
    haha good luck! =D
    nice poses you all did.. haha..

  2. hahaa.....da pic is so..eye catching..cant stop looking at those gif animation..hahaa

  3. HitoMi,

    Very cute and fun pictures!

    The Grrr photo is so funny!!!

    You are kind of super cute with the face you made!

    Have a fun weekend!


  4. I like Bernard's expression in some of the gif. Haha.

    The last picture is so wrong.

  5. Thanks kenwooi, yuppie, it is for the contest

    Chuan Guan, hehe, it is Good to hear that

    David, cheers, happy days

    Isaac, haha, You so gayish man...The last pic is not as wrong as yours lol


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