Jun 17, 2009

feeLing lost - CorneLius

ThOugh it was rather abrupt request, CorneLius still made it up for me
really tHanks alot^^

ChaRis was Late, so we started off with CorNelius

tHe path left untouched, and I doubt where is the riGht path leading me Out

I tried aGain and aGain but I came back to the saMe spot, aGain and aGain

at tiMes I want to give up

But soMething deep inside me Told me Not to

I know persistence will lead me Out, soMeway

I marKed wherever I went

It woRked, and I believe it is how it meant to be

Finally, tiMe for soMe rest

CorNelius marked his foOtprint in TunKu aBdul raHman coLLege


  1. Hey, 1st pic looks like he peeing in the jungle ey... LOL

  2. Aiyo, u din giv me the second last photo. I want that. Lol...

  3. you shoot this in tar college?

  4. muahahahha~~ It's good to see Bro wei here leh!!! what a cool shot^^ Keep it up the good work my dear~~

  5. Independent Queen:
    Haha, I realise that too^^

    You can still grab it. If I gave you all then I have nothing to blog lo?

    Yea, some more kena halau by the Guard lol



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