Jun 16, 2009

feeLing loSt - ChariS

tHese set of Photos have been taKen way way LonGer
I shall Not deLay any further
I would bloG aBout it toDay

as the title says, the MOdel of the Day was Charis siM, My classMate & mY closest Girlfriend^^
I had proMised her to ShoOt her after I have Got my DSLR

and Here you Go...

::: wHere shall I Go when the Path in front is seCluded :::

::: I pray hard for soMe sign from God, leading me the RiGht path as I have faith in God :::

::: wHen I saw it, I smiled and Thanked God for everyThing God has doNe for me:::

And Yes, she is a Christian, but I am Not^^

Hope sHe likes the pHotos, and I promised I will polish my skill before I shoot her aGain
Coz I know it suCks Big tiMe
And I know I had the wrong location and Wrong tiMing

those Mosquitoes over there are FreakNg viCious that I had uncountable Love bites and it tooK me almost a week to have it Resided!!


  1. lol mosquitoe bites.. where's the shooting place? TARC?

  2. i think your shoot was good. and is there any forest near setapak??

  3. HitoMi^^,

    It is good to know you believe in a God.

    Charis is a very good model. You changing perspectives are most interesting.

    Did you consider using a reflector that would have redirected some daylight on to Charis for your low angle shots? She sort of blends into to the dark background.

    Very interesting photos, and a very pretty model!

    Now all we have to do is get you interested in Christianity! ;-)


    Be still, and in the quiet moments, listen to the voice of your
    heavenly Father. His words can renew your spirit. No one knows
    you and your needs like He does.

    -- Janet L. Weaver

  4. Honmun :
    Yea lo...the path between CITC and canteen one.
    Crazy shit those mosquitoes!!

    Cindy khor:
    It is inside Tar College^^ I think there are forest near setapak but I don't know where and I don't wanna go forest anymore >.<

    Any DIY reflector suggestion?? I don't have any of them.
    It is ok david, I am just saying it on behalf of charis^^

  5. HitoMi^^,

    There are many ways to make a DIY reflector. Several websites offer the how-to-do-this: Try:

    For a reflector stand:

    A flash diffuser:

    Another reflector:

    Reflectors and diffusers allow you to use available light and flash fill to the best advantage. Your photo shoots will take on a more professional appearance.

    Do let me know if you use any of these!

    Good luck my friend, you are turning into a very good photographer! The nice thing is that you photograph very well too!
    (You are that pretty you would be fun to work with as a model!)


  6. charis10:20 PM

    hey..okay..David thx for dropping by at my blog..
    and girl thx for posting it..
    and yes we have lots of love bite from mosq!!!!!
    No prob girl..will be ur model.^^

  7. HitoMi,

    Here some links for DIY photo reflectors & diffuers.

    DIY reflectror at:

    An inexpensive DIY reflector:

    A DIY reflector stand. (if one has a reflector you need either a friend to hold one or a stand, if possible two reflectorw which would require a friend and a stand.)

    PM me if this works. I would really like to see your first test shots using anything you make!!


  8. david:

    you are of great help seriously!!
    I will check it out and try to make one myself

    will definitely pm you when i have tried out with my own DIY reflector and stand^^


    Yea, Don't ever go back there again-it is a Nightmare!!

  9. HitoMi^^,



  10. actually u have great composition on ur shots, just that a few pictures were underexposed. by the way, its good to invest in a speedlite + reflector... bought new or DIY also can, depends on the way u utilize it and the creativity of ur shots. Anyway, nice try and all the best yo!

  11. henry, thanks^^ still have to work it out. studies have taken whole lot of my time...I wish I can have more time.

  12. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Lolz..When is my turn??..Hahaa..

  13. Steven Mah6:55 PM

    Lolz..When is my turn?..


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