Jun 21, 2009

eVeryBOdy say HaPpy buffiDay to ai Lee

WoOt, I am back on Earth.
For your information I have BeeN traveLLing from a Mountain to aNother Mountain of BoOks!!
ahh...My 21st birthday falls on UrBanscape 2009 >.< perhaps Better than None

aFter the sHort teaSer, now I shall reveal wHat had haPpened the Night.

tHe IndeCent photo of MiNe

eVeryBOdy, the Pretty Lady on the left is ai Lee...

it was Her birthday Last SuNday, 14 JuNe 2009

BeiNg her CousiN, it was My very first tiMe celebrating with Her
HapPy buffiDay ^^ It was Fun haNging with You

Heee, too bad, she was TaKen. Here is aiLee and her HuBby

Most ImportantLy, her Must-not-missing-in-action-SisterS, HaZel, eVe, and aiLee

aiLee & KoK siOng

RiCk tan & aiLee - I used to Call riCk "Ah Qiang Kor Kor", the CoCkroach NiCk LOL

aNn & aiLee - GuesS aNn had weNt TiPsy!!

tHat's all for Now, More uGly PhoTos will Be Out soOn

sTay tuNed *Gasp*


  1. walau seriously indecent, can vomit blood uuggghhh!!! LOL jus jk btw :p dun kill me!!

  2. Sei Lou Ken, will Choke you !!

  3. Simon, I shall know tmr and friday


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