Jun 1, 2009

Dining at Chilis, Bangsar sHopping Centre

If you were to ask : "are you Back to college?"
I will definitely say : "Yeah!!"

There my 3months internship in KPMG lapsed.

The week before I left, I met up with few of my friends. I wanna say : "It was nice to dine with you guys ^^ "

Presenting Ms SanDra, the professional photographer cum kindergarden teacher

Mr toMato aka waiseng, whose blog has died long time aGo - the first tiMe I met him and his Nikon DSLR was in Chilis too!! OMG, how long has it been?

*COugh* Mr siMon - So??

It is my first tiMe meeting siMon So?? IN PERSON and I wanna say " Thanks Boss" for celebrating my last week of InternShip^^

It was cosy and warm in Chilis, and we had pretty long chat before the food was served. Simon is SURPRISINGLY efficient in posting up the dinner way way earlier than Mine.

Told you I will update...

without further ado,

this is My burGer - ForGot what is it named but I would rather go for Mushroom Swiss next time. The beef was dry and blantly tasted. More Chili sauCe please....

this is MushRoom Swiss - Look pretty Much the same, just the dressing is different. YuMmy?? Guess it must have been, because siMon & me were regretted for not going for the Swissiness...

siMon's - he seemed to be unsatisfied with it LOL

Kay kay, let's proceed to PiccitiMe

Mr toMato & Me - wee, both of us were in Black!!

SanDra & waiSeng

it was theM again but with the Tomato's tradeMark siGn *faint*

a Decent shot with mr SiMon - So what's next??

heee, a naughty mimic - See how siMon had STUNNED himself in two shots?? He needs to pose more la...

SanDra & siMon

and Finally

Our group Picture^^

NOtiCe any differences in the Photos??

soMe are appeared to be more yellowish but soMe are not. Was using NiKon's external flash for those non-yellowish shots - Ish, they Poisoned me with Flash again!!

so what's Now??

I have to save to Buy laptop,
I have to save to Buy flash

so Much to save but so Little to spend - less Outing?? *roll eyes*


  1. mmm i love the burger.

    well the yellowish of the pic is nice actually

  2. haha, yeah, its like there's always not enough money to save... and great photo editing, the colour looks perfect..

  3. HitoMi^^,

    Back in college!

    It appears your 3 months of interning flew by!

    In, naughty mimic, your pout looks cute.

    Very, very nice black dress.
    Can never go wrong with a pretty black dress!!!!!


  4. yess! i also wan ext flash!! XD

  5. Serge, haha, then next time we go makan again!!
    The yellowish pictures cant be helped even with tungsten lighting >.<

    Cindy, it is just minor touch up. that is Canon's colour^^

    David, it is just a black top. But i seriously Love black!!

    Jackie, OMG, so poisonous!!

  6. Speedlite! Next thing on my list too! (after a decent filter, i guess)

  7. WOW to appear more yellowish shots.
    Neko Apa

  8. Soon Seng, I just want a cheap filter, that's all. Haha, no money yet >.<

    Neko, yellowish photos good or bad?

  9. how is ur working expereince in KPMG so far? stressful? hehehe

  10. wow dear~~ what a nice farewell party u hav here!!! the way u took the pics is superb nice leh..can i learn to shoot pic from after i buy my dslr cam?? cz i still in saving money for it~~ please...

  11. Via, ah, you are the only one asking. It was tiring but not that stressful.

    Lisa, thanks. I am just beginner. What camera you are buying??

  12. i love your editing making the frame. what kind of software you use?

    and about ur "originality exposed", perhaps you can consider getting a lomo, since, it seems to me that you like lomo-feel kind of pics.

    and yes, saw ur nikon before if im not mistaken. Flash is only needed when u are in a low light condition. perhaps you can consider getting a lense that have big aperture so that you can void that flash, if you want. haha!

  13. I m planning to buy Canon 1000D...my money saving is in progress ler..mayb I will buy after few months ooo~~

  14. Hello butterCup!! reminds me of powerpuff girls LOL

    I am using Photoscape. Haha, Lomo not bad, perhaps someday i will try out. Where you saw me?? I am canonian actually >.<

    About the lower F number lens, it is more expensive, don't it?? Aiz...see the budget how first, but sometimes it is still uncompensated with lower F

    Lisa717, that is Great!! then we become 1000D kaki^^ I am saving also but so many things i wanted to buy >.<

  15. so many canon kaki..where is my nikon kaki T___T..

  16. Jackie, no worries, there are lotsa nikonians out there

  17. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Tinker with your white balance setting and a couple testing shots and the photo wont be that yellowish..

    anyway yellowish do fits the mood well..;-)

  18. I did, but the tungsten wont help it either >.<

    Hee, sometimes yellowish is quite romantic too ahha


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