May 20, 2009

who WaNna be mY guest?

HearD of Breakout exTreme Dance Comedy??

If you Don't, I guess Your teleVision at HoMe must be real Dusty

it is adVertised on Television chaNnels as well!!

LuCky me, I have woN a pair of TiCkets to the said Dance show.
thaNks to LG for there are only 15 pairs Up for Grabs and I am One of theM!!

It would be at Wisma MCA, Level 2 on 23rd May 2009, 8.30PM

But the Thing is
I have NO idea who to Invite

Hmm, Let's make it So then.
wHoever interested to Be my Guest of Honor for the DanCe show, you are required to BloG aBout Me

ah Ha ha...
Yes yes, exactly, You BLOG ABOUT ME

and You liNk your post to
and the wiNner will be the One who manages to draw the Highest traffiC to my blog through the Post and it would be anNounced in my Blog on friDay night 10pm.

You have to prepare your own transport & drop a Comment stating your post link and your email^^

how Do you find it then??

Calling for those friends of Mine whom study in UCSI, hitoMi will be GoinG to UCSI toMorrow around 11am - anyBody wanna meet me up??


  1. Suddenly becomes an organizer now!! LOL
    I'm free tat day but I'm not sure how your contest run even after reading it!!

  2. LOL u suddenly become like nigel tat day pulak -__-...

  3. congratulations on the winning... but umm, i think i can't be your guest as i'm not in malaysia...

  4. haha, everyBody, this is just a testiNg testing

    I guess nobody would do it LOL

  5. OH GOSH.This is way too hard...Even famous people dont do it very hard =______=...

  6. No one will do, I do for you

  7. LOL! i mau tumpang tanya..
    where's the event? the date? the time?

  8. yenNiedoll, never Mind la...if you wanna do then you do la, if you don't then just forget about it

    bernard, serious eh?

    jeffro, I said it in my post, didn't i?

  9. U think I'm serious or not?
    Like it? Still can change...too bad nobody wanna nang

  10. haha, normal la. innit tarak Ohm lagi


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