May 13, 2009

ReVerse playBack of LG bloG launCh @ metroPol bar, MeNara Hap Seng

LG bloG launCh was rather a cosy chilling event
- instead of having the buMpy mooD to shoOt, surprisingly I was enjoying my moments of solitucy on the bar.

perHaps that reFlects how LG means Life is Good.

we Had a group sHot before we left - arGh, the MirrOr D'best

Erm, don't you thiNk shrek becomes more feMine now?

Apparently eVeryBody was darn exhausted - coMe on, what HaVe you doNe?

any UnknoWn aGenda (s)??

FLyGuy has CraShed its "pLaNe" after the eVent

tHen he roSe aGain - pRoudly preSents the pre-Matured OraNg terBang!!

eVelyn has Dozed off - the reD deVil must have ConsuMed High dose of alCoHol LOL or or or....
she Had too MuCh of "exerCise"
- ya know whaT I meant yea...

we, the anVils (term TM for the CoNglomerate of Devils & anGels) RULESsssssss starbucks!!
I wan My jaVa chip - tHis is an ORDER!!

tHese two gayish Boys - ciCak & fLyGuy - Might have taken soMe unknOwn substaNces in the alCoHOl that brOught them into the STATE OF ECSTACY

*listen to the COnversation*

Cicak: Weeee...I can FLy now *muacks flyGUy*
FlyGuy: of course You can - I gave You my POwer *returning the sMoOchie*

Eww..that is...way GrotesQue than I have iMagiNed *flinChiNg*

eVeryBOdy said I was DruNk but ya know, I wasN't - Not that easY peePs
*suresh, siMon, evelyn, zues, unknown girl, Robb & zaCh boi*

In fact I was ecstacied - mentally - wOot, the CrazieSt bunCh & party eVer!!

arGh, the Night was stiLL youNg - *COugh* 12am?! I want MOREeeee

wOotzha, whAt had drained eVelyn's eNerGY?!

in the DreaMiest state - BeEr also can get Her druNk lol

WhOa, HaNg on, see Whose tHese poSers *vox, BartenDer &YenG yeNg* DEVILSssss

FUNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *YO dude, wHatcHa want*

eVeryBOdy had toNnes and toNnes of ECSTACY.......
oCBC, kolian You...Zues Pek Dai you and Go Kao Lui

plays *Just DanCe, You'll be Ok...*

the Whole BUnChie here had never Get eNOugh, they DaNced, they JuMped, they ScreaMed, theY toOok oVEr the daNce flooR *graw.....*

beFore everyBody GOne High, we Had soMe deCent shots *ya know - PreSentable*
*eveLyn, tzia, vox, tian chad, suresh, GreGorule, and JaCkie*

for tHe best Dress anGel & deVil, here are soMe of the noMiNees

tZia as the faLLen anGel, left unguided, aNd confuSed *apparently very Happy haha*

Jovi, the DEVil who woN the LG phoNe - must have been Real sweaty wearing so Many stuffs

KiM oNg, the anGel has Brought hoMe a LG LCD TV for her MoMmy as Mother's day PreSsie

the Red MuMMy - daMn chun the CostuMe - i thOught it was Nuffnang People LOL - she Won anythiNg?

aPparently DEVils outNumbered anGels haha!! *cheers* Meet Jovi & seRaph

*end of nomiNees*


PreTty pretty emCee of the Night with her Pwetty pwetty frieNd

oNe shot of Orange Vodka please~~

tHis was MiNe...tHe vodKa flew unanimously smOoth down throat and miNgle into the BloOd and flew Deep insiDe hitoMi, yes, the feeling of SATISFACTION

heiNeken beer is the free Flow of the NigHt, not tHe VodKa >.<

wheN voDka raN out, the oNly resort is tHis taLLie here

CupPies aGain!! I miss heNneSsy sHots

Bar-bar-bar-Ten-Der goes TenDer

eVeryboDy wants to Grab free Stuffs - the FooD, the alCohol - the priMe factor, right people?


tiMe for More "eww" or "Wee" or "huh" piCtures


I biteZzzzzzz...*haNnah as JapaNese vamPire*

sMOochie Baby One more tiMe *NiGel showed his feMine siDe* Cute? *wait.....rush to toilet....then voMit~~~~*

gaNas puNya anGel eating CottoN sweet *ehem, I have no word for tHis* JacKie self-exclaimed he Looked gaNas =.=

rewiNd rewiNd rewiNd



transMissioN eRRor

second atteMpt


tHe kiCkstart moMent was a Must-do-and-unomitable-thing

from the Left, mr TY Ko, LG's ManaGing direcTor, SereNa C, DJ from Mix FM, Will Quah, Host from NTV7, and Pretty anGel

*flash flash flash* all the GUns were turNed on and Shot restlessly but they SURVIVED lol
miChael song, the One in suMo shirt is the man-behind-this-cosy-chilling-event-and-d-blog

Mr TY Ko - is he a Korean?

tHe emCee - GorGeous to the Max *guys, please wipe your saliva please*

tHis was before tHe emCee made her initial enTry

pHotoGraphers everyWhere *me too*

See fuNny faces of Suresh & GuaiZaiKid *obviously too Boring and HOT waiting under the SPOTLIGHT!!*

riGht beFore the enTranCe to the main Platform of the LaunCh

there were few pretty anGels, distributing BalloOns with Mysterious tags in it

CharLie's anGels - starring Jolyn *middle* whom won the LG pHone *she always Won Phones LOL*

of Course, I needed esCort by tHe anGels

MaCam ini baru GaYA ma!!

aNd also Pose in front of the Main Sign Board with Evelyn's DeVil's stiCk

maCam orang-orang besar sini

weee....baLLooNs^^ it is Cute but DaMn trouBlesoMe *ya know why*

Last pieCe of reWind

EveLyn was striKing her Best pose with the LoveLy boMba tiaNg

aNd me, SS in front of Camera, seKali lagi

so That's it for LG
HOw did ya find it?

I said Life is not Good with LG, because LG never Hadiahkan anythiNg LG to me - maCam ini how to Life is Good wo!! *agree?*


  1. OMG ... nigel look damn gay with his blow-kiss pose!

  2. HitoMi^^,

    You appeared to have great fun at this party. Great pictures, all of them. You captured the spirit of the night. Hmm, lots of vodka, heiNeken, and you do look increasingly happy, a little sort of ecstacied!

    The LG Angels are very attractive!

    BTW, you look so pretty in the denim mini!

    Have a great week!


  3. I where got Pek Dai ocbc go kau lui o.. That nite I was an angel^^ Haha..

  4. Hey, it was nice meeting you! The unknown girl in white in your initial group photo was Carol Koh from Nuffnang.


  5. serGe, I *raise legs* agree!!

    David, it was the craziest ever~~ i only had little shots but people misunderstood I was drunk =.=

    thaNks for the compliment^^ i love the mini denim sooOo muchie

    Zues, just admitted it *yan siew siew only* poOr OCBC

    kiM!! nice to meet you too though we din talk much. so how was the TV??

  6. i love your strappy sandals. and i think the photo of the balloon gal and the row of balloon is really good.

  7. Anonymous3:53 AM

    great fun pics!!
    haha.. you guys always know how to have fun huh? haha =D

  8. HitoMi^^,

    What ...??

    "yan siew siew only* poOr OCBC"?

    Translation for your North Anerican followers. I know a little manglish, but only enough to be confused!


  9. Cindy, thanks for liking it. but it will make your legs sore easily. yea, the ballOon is nice!!

    kenwooi, nah, not always. Just need the RIGHT companies

    David, Oops, sorry, I could always translate for ya here...

    yan siew siew means little people in cantonese

    OCBC is a bank but his real name is OBC

  10. raise leg ... waaa *cough n peeks*


  11. Life's Good with you bloggers around :)

    Keep rocking!!!

    And yes, I start to love vodka than any other thing now... i love mine with cranberries :p and I still have one bottle in Metropol.

    Life's Good!!!

  12. serGe, did i mention raise leg in this post?

    Mikem, whoa!!
    In fact, i love hennessy but vodka is not bad after all

    Whoa, metropol really that Chilling?

  13. Nice party! I wish I was there *sobsob*

  14. fuMoffu, dun sad sad, come to KL one day!!


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