May 24, 2009

Portrait pHotoshoOt anYone??

JuSt a brief oNe here.
AnyOne interested to do Portrait pHotosHot??

Calling Models-wanna-be and PhotoGraphers who want to do Some sHooTing

::: Details as foLLow :::
  • LoCation : TunKu Abdul RahMan coLLege, setaPak
  • Date : 26th MaY 2009
  • TiMe : 9am to 1pm (however it might be shorten)
  • TheMe : LoSt in Jungle
Do take note that this PhotoshoOt is just a session for those who waNna get soMe experience for both ModeLs & PhotoGraphers
Do not expect GettiNg paid nor paying aNy cent

Please Drop By your Comment here if you are interested^^

*** NO worries of How to Get into the College, I have it settled for You ***


  1. the date fix already??

  2. lol again...
    got class ahaha... -_-

  3. robin, erm, why not you tell me when you wanna be and i see if i could make some adjustment

    bryan, yea, sorry. btw, which college u r in??

    kellaw, yea

  4. woww! potrait photoshoot!
    which area in tarc u wanna shoot? got jungle meh..

  5. Hon mun, neh, the area in front of CITC where there are alot of trees haha!!

    I consider that as JunGle lol

  6. can i applied to be your model? XD

  7. any day after 28may

  8. spectre, haha, I have got another model edi. sorry but I have only two photographers. i can only afford two models

  9. robin, ah, MMU cyberjaya?? it is very far. and it needs a better location then. or do you have car?

  10. dont worry about the location, i have a car. i am just worry about the date coz i am having my finals now, last paper at 28may
    hehehe, is alright if you cant change the date. there is always a second time. :D

  11. Yerr...!!i oso wan go!!

  12. My friends at MMU are having exams too...anyway, I will see how my schedule goes since my college starts.

    but will always have shooting going on in near future

    Sean yee, Mari lah!!


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