May 30, 2009

Originality exposed

to tHose who has been Commented and criticized on my streetshoot photos, I am more than happy to express my gratitude here.

But I do wonder, do you know why I have excessively edited my pictures for my very first time??
to those whom love editing, you know why.
to those whom don't know, you shall know why soon after you read this post *wink*

:::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

My Question : You prefer the edited version or original version??


  1. Always the original for you can't lie about your understanding of photography and subject matter. If you suck, you suck. Post process is just to add a coat of sugar to make it easier to swallow.

  2. Seriously original version is better to me :)

  3. original.. photography is about originality and skills. Its about taking photo and producing it as it is...

    peace. =)

  4. i prefer photo without editing, but honestly, after edit is better :P

  5. I love the sugar, dude!! It is so much more than just a picture after the coating...

  6. originality for sure. if it is taken correctly then there's hardly any need for editing. basic touch ups are ok.

  7. In my opinion, if you are going for a photoshoot its best if you only do some minor touch up on your photos.

    Else why would you call it as a photoshoot if you are going to photoshop it heavily right?

    Stick to originality for photoshoot photos

  8. Calvyn, it is Poisonous!!

    JessiCa, I still feel it lacks of something, when it is original

  9. I prefer original of coz. I already told you that b4 using a DSLR for outtings, you should use a digicam for a moment until you familliar with the DSLR settings. No point to edit your pics kao kao coz, i also can do it, if i want to. i can apply to my digicam pictures too, and that doesnt make any dif between using a DSLR or a digicam. The truth hurts, i know. But, you cant hide it for long. Learn how to take good photo's NOT showing how good are you in editing -.- . take this advice girl.

    *copied n patse here from my comment on ur NN post for u to remember*

    by yenniedoll

  10. I din use photoshop >.< tapi I cross processed the pictures.

    the thing is I love the outcome and I love the feel.

  11. original are better
    but the color for the editted version is definitely more attractive...

  12. Yennie, it is not like i never use a digital cam before. I do agree with you the fact that I was trying out my editing skill.

    I have nothing to hide.

    so shall it rest the case.

    I approve your comment but just wanna say you need not the cap your comment either.

    Ink, attractive as it is.

  13. Hmm.. honestly i like the edited pictures.. hehehe..

    well you're only asking which one i like ma.. =D

  14. Some might agree or disagree with me but I got to say,

    Nailing a photo in 1 shot kill it all is good. It's really saves a lot of time. I would do that too to get it right if you are capturing tonnes of pictures in an event/jobs photography.

    But doing it for hobby, I don't see why post processing a photo isn't encourage.

    As a matter of fact, there is no right or wrong to choose between to process or not to process.

    Think about it, if one's mind with the intention of processing a photo, it needs skills to capture it as well. I wonder how a blown out photo can be process? Hmm...

    Anyway, I believe it's the decision of the photographer to edit a photo according to his/her mood of the outcome of the photo.

    Just my 2 cents. :)


  15. Absolutely, there is so much a great photographer can do in-camera (capturing the original image) - and that is something any serious photographer should aspire to master.

    But processing and photo manipulation (chemical or digital) are very real and valid components of the art of photography - every bit as original and creative and artistic as the act of capturing the original image.

    Darkroom "tricks" and retouching techniques have been used for art and commerce since the dawn of photography. There is nothing wrong with that. Even the "straight photography" movement of the early 20th century recognized this.

    So sure, do your best to capture great images in-camera, but also feel free to use the tools at your disposal - and your own artistic vision - to make those images as compelling as possible.

    And for what it's worth, I like the edited images in your post.

    Keep working!

  16. HitoMi,

    The edited photos are much better!

    Great examples of what good processing can achieve!


  17. I don't think there are much use if you don't know how to take a nice angled picture in the first place. Nice job btw.

  18. im a person who prefers original pictures. however, your edited images are good too

  19. Jeffro, thanks^^

    Eugene, whether they read it or not, i still wanna thank you so much for this.

    At least, you made the point clear, editing without a good photo equals to nothing. and yes, Nothing

    jhnhth, thanks for your comment. Previously I have not even edit my photos but after this, I realised editing is important.

    It conveys what an original photo fails to convey and thus, it brings out the messages clearly.

    I am happy to hear some positive comments over my editing ^^
    I will work on it. NOw i believe why they say, editing and shooting comes in a package. You have to master both to make the best of what you have got

    Power rangers, yea, basic phototaking skills still matter. It is the basic of editing anyway

    Serge, you are late for this.

  20. I think if you prefer this kind of editing, it is somewhat look like the output of lomography camera.Maybe you should go into lomography.
    As for me, I prefer minor editing that can enhance the photo but not to manipulate or change the entire photo.

  21. When you know what I know plus what you know, you will be smarter
    then me....

  22. editing really does make the whole picture nicer and saturated and the colours richer... maybe i should learn that too

  23. Shoot me lah, don't have to photoshop one. ;)

  24. E way, sometimes, it is good to try out something different. a Different perception presented, as it did

    Neko, you are random but what you said is interesting

    Cindy, you can always try out new things in life. nothing wrong for that

    Simon, haha, i din photoshop your pictures before, didn't i?

  25. Hey there!

    For me, i think that it depends on what you what to convey, that decides whether or not you edit your photos, post-shooting. Sometimes, you'll want to have an effect that you can't capture with a camera, and you'd need to do some processing to get that.

    I guess, more importantly, is the 'moment' in the photo, where its the subject matter and the composition, rather than how the photo looks like.

    My two cents worth of thoughts. =)

    Soon Seng

  26. Just trust yourself, remember.. you can't expect everyone like your photos, photography is all about your self creativity, your can learn from other people comment but not follow what people comment.

    Art is not only depends on editing, without the story, angle, exposure, right timing, no matter how strong your editing skill, that is a rubbish! let's say you don't like editing, if the raw movie shown in cinema, will you enter the cinema and watch?

    Just my 2 cents, photography and editing must stick together, because now is Digital Era...

  27. Anonymous2:44 PM

    from the difference i see between your original and edited pictures.. i have to admit that the original is better..

    there are many types of editing styles.. example minor touch up, whole picture editing, colour editing and etc..

    well i cant say that the edited pics are bad.. they're nice too.. just that different people has different taste.. like what you mentioned..

    and pictures of clouds should be natural.. adding the extra effect will make the scenery looks unnatural..

    just my opinion.. cheers! =D

  28. a good photographer should never edit their picture to make it look better.

    Maybe you edit because you can't get the results you want out of the camera, in which I think you should practice more.

  29. Soon seng, thanks for your two cents. We are still learning and i never admit that i am good either, have i?

    it is my intention to try out how it could be if it was edited, and now you saw it. I liked that way, but it does not mean I dun like my original either. Mind that, I have not edited any of the original except the border. believe it or not, I have not said it would not be nice after minor touch up.

    Hayashi, having you here is much encouraging. It is you whom make me start to explore how powerful editing can be, and I have experienced how different things it could achieve.

    As eugene said, this is my blog. I could edit my pictures how I want it. It is not that I am shooting for events and producing something that the clients would buy.

    Just to say that, editing or not, is totally on my hand, whether or not they like it or not, as I am not getting any pay for this.

    thanks again for your comment. It has caused much controversy here but it has made me realised few things that you have made it clear .

    Kenwooi, it is good to hear that. At least, it proves that I produce no rubbish. I haven't touch up any of the original. It means it could be better ^^

    Cedric, you will see the originality. There is always room for improvement. Learning is an ongoing progress. Thanks for your comment.

  30. Editing is needed in photography, you can edit or touch up to bring out that feeling on the particular photos and become nicer. But don't over edit them.

    Whatever photos mainly still based on your skill of taking photos. Editing & taking photo skills, both of them are equality to develop our photography.

    Just my 2 cents...

    Keep it up!!

  31. Sorry to revisit this, but comments like "a good photographer should never edit their picture to make it look better" are utter nonsense and reveal a profound ignorance of the art of photography - and the art of processing.

    Do you think those incredible photorealistic portraits by Dorothea Lange were "unedited"? Of course not! The realistic nature scenes by Ansel Adams? No way!!

    Those critics might want to study the art of photography before dismissing "editing" (processing) altogether. The comment I quoted reeks of boastful, arrogant superiority that seems rather unearned, imho.

    On the other hand, the comment about Lomography is spot on. I love the Holga (and tend to go with the in-camera image when I use a Holga, btw) and I love the look of those images - that is probably why I like your edited versions more than the originals. I hadn't really put my finger on it until E-Way pointed it out.

    Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse, but this is a topic near to my heart (and bank account).


  32. Eric, i know what you mean. But sometimes overedit has its own beauty as well, like how overexposed pictures could bring heavenly feeling or excessive bokeh or blooming could create dreamy effect.

    jhnhth, Chill dude, I understand how you feel. Just leave them with their own perception. They are confunded with how good the editing has been until it is so real that it has got to be taken that way.

    I never come about Holga, but i think lomography is interesting. Which we might try out some day.

  33. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Original its the best,,,,

  34. i prefer the editing pictures but original pics also nice. nice shot you took. what type of dslr model are you using nw? i want to get one soon.

  35. Anonymous, I will take it as a compliment then.

    Mei Yen, thanks alot girl^^ I am using 1000D - a canonian.


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