May 10, 2009

meDia pass for MDG finaLe - Me me me plz!!

it Has been 2moNths - oh God, tiMe flies - and now it is the TiMe for the graNd fiNale of Malaysian DreamGirl.

Refreshing the Last public runWay of Malaysian DreamGirl 2 in Mist Club, 160309, it is EXACTLY, at least nearly, 2Months!!

oNe by oNe have been ElimiNated, leaviNg only Dawn, JuaNita and PiNky

GoOd God, three of theM are My faVourite, so HOw couLd i MiSs the chance to Catch the fiNale live?!

Grand Finale at The Curve

Date 15 May 2009
Time 7pm onwards
Venue The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

eXactly the LAst day of My internShip!! Must muSt go...
waNna grab your tiCkets?? CliCk here:

See You tHere *pray hard & mumBling unknown Incantation*

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