May 6, 2009

maSon baBe, muaCks~~

woNderiNg all you wish, and SuspenDing all I liKe~~
free MuaCks for my BabY maSon!!

CupcaKes anYbody???

*offeriNg for aNy graB*

there were three TRAYS of theM

Let's See *COunting* oNe tray 48cuPs then tiMes 3, eQuaLs to.....144 cuPs!!

OuR taBle^^

wiTh lotSa "KiSses" cHocoLates, whiCh I HeaRt, beSides toBleroNe; and PreSents, whiCh not aVailaBle for Big Kids like Me

yOu know wHat, a frieNd of miNe said I lOok like a 11years Old girl *SmiLing sMuggishly*

BuT not tHis Picture *bLek*

iN the puNkish maKe up aGain - stiLL in the ProCess of masTering D'art

Do you KnoW wHere is tHis plaCe??

it is in SuBang, sHeratoN suBang, near SuBang MediCal centre

It is a raTher sMall siZe ballroOm, whiCh can fit 144 HitoMis

No woNder there weRe 144CupCakes - LoGic KiCks in...

saW aLot of FootbaLL baLLoOns??

teLL yOu why later...

CloSe up on BalloOns

NuMber "One"

wHo is NumBer oNe??

it is tHis Naughty little BeLaCan aka stiNky aka MaSon Boy here

FiNally get tHe wHole piCture??

tHis party was for HiM, little BelaCan, for his One-year Old buffiDay!!

RoLL youR eYes as You wish
Just Can't beLieve it riGht??
tHis youNg beLaCan here is suPerbly spoiLed Just beCause his Parents and GranDparents aRe riCh!!
in faCt, nowaDays, the CHildren are Getting better Lives thaN we Do, at least, I do *siGh*

NeeD soMe FooD to coMpensate Myself is Just the RiGht tiMing - OysTers swiM swiM sWiM~~
But I do Not like OysTers, and I don't even TouCh Lala, KeRang, sNails and stuFFs like that

RiCe with PrawNs & MusSels as DecoRative

BreaDs, all Sorts of TheM, tHat I have neither SeeN it nor eat MOst of it before

tHose breads are raTher bLand & best SerVe with the Soup

Here you GO, grab Your Cups

wHiCh I found it raTHer arTistic to be ShoT

50mm roCks!!

DoGGy roCks!!

MaSon roCks!! COcky

oKie, oKie, in fact, he is DaMn Cute, as Cute as Me LOL

iSh, asYik maKan his TOys saja in the ParTy...

wHen he is Not sMooChing his ToYs, he LoOks Super InNoCent!!

cHuBby CheeKy

aMusing at new StuFFs

aNd giVe you the Look "HUh"

sLowly he sHowed you tHis

hiS suLky face - tapi stiLL wanNa buLLy hiM ahha!!

maSon showed you "One" *HuGgies*

his MoMmy hired twO eVent pHotographers too....Do I qualify to be One??

wHen two Babes are plaCed toGether - MaSon & triSha - ObviOusly they were exCited over two different oBjects

triSha & her MoMMy

sHasa, triSha's elder Sister

triSha's & maSon's granDma

maSon's daDDy - waSai, lenG zai or Not??
I know he wiLL grab it and PLace as his facebOok profiLe picture^^

My auNts & my Mom on the RiGht

tWo of My auNts

My mOmMy, waNna wish Her hapPy mother's DaY!!

My Daddy & my BroTher

My COusin, ShaSa, triSha & her MOm

gaMes seSsion for tHe kiDs - I muSt say the EntertaiNer is Darn Good, even the aDults were Laughing their aSses off

aNd the Kids were playiNg as cRAzy and they GraBbed all preSents - I wiSh I have oNe too....

D freeZing gaMe - WoOt, the Two Kids here were clever eNough not to Be triCked and seRiously the EnterTainer was daMn good in triCking haha!!

tHe speCtators, inCluDing little TrisHa, whom was Busy LoOking at her Sister on sTaGe

tiMe for soMe ranDom shots arouNd....

tHis auNtie here was talkiNg with inteNse eMotion wHile her granDchild was Crying

triSha & the BaLLoOn

Cute kiD #1

Cute Kid #2

Cute But very NauGthy Boy - he SMudGed my "UnproteCted" lenSe with his HanD print!!

MaSon's MoMmy (my COusin), two of the frieNds, and my Cousin

tHe fOod was awesOme.
I Love the NiCely griLLed beef - suCculent and tenDer soft texture just Melted when I placed it in my MouTh - 5/5
I love the Cod fish with TeriYaki sauCe - the saUce blended well with the Fish, and the fair, tender texture, is aNother favourite of MiNe - 5/5

beFore it Came to an End, it was nevertheless the Cake Cutting cereMoNy

FooTball tHeme Cake - her ParenTs made it the whoLe party tHeme - the BalloOns, the jerSeys we were wearing *now Only you notice right??*, even the CupCakes!!

I graBbed tHese - way too Sweet to my taste Bud, does not like it either

gaThering everyBody~~

Over Here *sHouting your LunGs out*

BLoW maSon, BloW~~

HapPy BuffiDay to MasOn boy!!

sMile eVeryBOdy

and LauGh your Heart out!!
*PreSent to you the HappY faMily of Chow & Tan* - in sHort Chow Tan (CantoNese) = sMelly eggs LOL

tHe diNner was Great, the Shots were Great, the PhOtographer is Great *self-praiSing*, the HeNnesSy is Great!!
anD yes, everyBody, HeNnesSy, wHisky & Beer were serVed, most importaNtly, free Flow...

GueSs how Many sHots of HeNnesSy I toOk, without My parents' knowLedGe??
it was 5!!
It was more than what I toOk in HeNesSy artiStry - LoVe how the alCoHOl perpetrate itself into My toNgue & SMoothen all the Way down my Throat


  1. Ai Lee12:56 AM

    mason's mummy here....ahem....can you please put these pictures in facebook? and by the way, who says we're rich?? #$@%@#)$@#)$_)(@#)$@!!

  2. notty notty, took 5 swigs of hennessy without parent's knowledge.

  3. MaSon's MoMmy, lazy lo...why Not, I burnt you the cd and you upload it?? LOL

    SerGe, biasalah...I took One then My mom was lOOking at me edi. THen have to find way haha

  4. hitomi - ahahahahhaha

    well LG, im sure there'll be drinks there. Anyway, if you need directions from federal to there, sms me or something

  5. serGe, I know haha...but still I am driving so...have to jaga lo...scare kena potong markah!!

    sure sure, thanks^^

  6. LOL... someone's looking damn young.. but for a 11yo, girl YOU ARE TALL! xD

  7. memang like kid. hahahaha

  8. Jeffro, haPpy hapPy sial...for 11 is tall but for 21 is NOt *sobz*

    Kellaw, told you so!!

  9. awwwhhh.. nvm ler.. at least you're 11yo.. XD


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