May 18, 2009

Malaysian DreamGirl 2 TeaSer post

Guess you guys have read about Malaysian Dream Girl 2 fiNale at tHe curVe last friDay, 15th May 2009, at other bloGs

I was Invited to the eVent itself too, like the rest of the BloGgers.
tHanks to Malaysian DreamGirl offiCial website for the pair of invitation given to Me - out of 25 pairs of Invitations
but ToO bad
they were not Media PasseS - Owh, I miss the time being Media

without further aDo~~

Owh, so touChing - Guess wHo woN?

JuaNita, PiNky or Dawn?

*still in the ProCess of ediTing the pictures - stay tuNed*

fiNal call, so Who is On for toMorrow street sHoOt?


  1. i'd read huai bin's blog, so i think i'm not going to spoil it here... but love 3 of them..

  2. haha, cindy, i think we have the same preference then

    I love three of them too...haha, and they turned out to be the final 3

  3. Pinky will win i think


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