May 22, 2009

Malaysian DreamGirl 2 full report @ tHe curVe - 150509

HitoMi hiSSes :
toMorrow is BreakOut Comedy Dance - so My guest would be BerNard greeN tea. tHanks to Dusty as well for wriTiNg in^^

isN't it a loNg wait for MalaysiaN dreamGirl 2 full rePort by hitoMi??
I do apoLogize for suCh delay

as Usual, my Full report coMes with sets of Self shoot eleMente

First Off, it is TiMe to flaunt what we have -----> the tiXs to MDG fiNale

too Bad, it isn't media pass and there are so many Ass-kiCking-and-selfish fellas around us whom BloCked us on and off when we waNna shoOt

two Pretties here whom made their first aPpearaNce in my blog - Jacquelyn (left) & Wen PiNk goes PiNkish (riGht)

for Those whom have been Following MDG, you would definitely know KenNy sia is one of the Online judge besides KinKy blue fairy

and surprisinGly, I spotted KeNny sia, though I should have expected hiM makiNg his appearance in the event itself

so you tell me, what would you do when You spot keNny sia??

jacKie & wenPink said : " Can we take a picture with you?"

siNce they have started it, I must not miss the chance to take picture with D faMous blogger whom also my Inspiration in my early years

zoE also shy shy waNna hug KenNy sia though he is Offering free Hugs now

kay kay, back to the Pre-event group shot
Jeffro, Me, flyGuy, Zoe, and jacqueline

Out of the Blue, Jeffro sprinted and CLinged onto Dusty like a Koala bear haha

Spotted this Cute VJ of Malaysian DreamGirl

and Caught her On duty - she was Interviewing Pinky's or Ming's family - seriously I have No idea

Malaysian TiMing as usual, we need to Add another half an hour or more before the actual event started

My chawanMushi for Dinner - why Wait when we have time for diNing?

it was just the Right tiMing when we headed back to the Centre court, the Curve

Phat Fabes & ben on the staGe - but was like kinda unnecessary as they were not the event emCees

perhaps they were merely needed to heat up the crowds

we had some traditional band performance

it was awesoMe i would say...

soOn after the performance, the Official EmCees made their DooMsday-like enTry

Proudly presents Elaine Daly & Will Quah

Will Quah said :" when I saw Hey , then you say Ya"

Saw PiNkportChop in the eVent too...

Pretty right??

then the Runway started to Kick off

sPotted the final 3??

Never Mind, here were some of the snapShots of the event (before My caNon EOS 1000D battery died off and resorted to my Olympus FE-320)



and the Other MDG

in Evening Gowns

in CheonG sams

woMen in Black

woMen in CasaNova dresses

Charlie's anGels proMoting Hp

Strut your ways Girls!!

two Judges were invited on stage to voice up their opiNions on "who will be the MDG in this season"

it was then Followed by another band performance - was it real bad or just that we were over bored with the event, I just Could not help myself to their Music

KeNny Sia, the Online judge, was on the staGe again - some said he grows Fatter, what do you think?

After the Q&A session with Final 3, here Comes the Moment - so Who will be the malaysian DreamGirl this season?

is it JuaNita, Pinky or Dawn??

alittle Hint here: I have not put any of her siNgle photo prior to this....

I know you will deliberately scroll further to See it - so shall I present to you the Malaysian DreamGirl 2 - Juanita!!

she Drove away the Chevy!!

Do you wanna Get your Chevy too?? Heard Malaysian DreamGirl 3 is starting in end of the year - so Good luCk to those who wanna try their LuCk^^


  1. Damn you jeffro... stop being a koala!

  2. Shyt I look like a goldfish in ur pic! Haha!

    They are Ming's family hehe.

  3. bernard, if i were to, i wont say so

    serGe, he is just too excited to see a human tree!!

    jac, where got Goldfish??

  4. Anonymous10:16 PM

    haha nice pics!
    eh you met kenny sia..
    envy envy.. haha.. =D

  5. congrats to juanita, she really is cool... and the cawanmushi looks delicious... envy that you got to take photo with kenny sia

  6. Elaine Daly is CRAZY gorgeous!

  7. kenwooi, hehe, don't la envy, sure got chance one

    Cindy, haha, yea, i think she has the potential too..and the last photoshoot she was great!!

    whoaamello, haha, no doubt about that. Most importantly she has her own personality - and she needs a PA, why not you try it out?


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