May 20, 2009

LG bloG lauNch fiNal post - JuSt SS

aLas, my Laptop was reTurned, and I Missed the MoMents of PosseSsion
I just NeeD it so Badly


RiGht now, I just Have to Hold it bit loNger~~

OKie, back to the LG bloG lauNch, haVe you suBmitted yours for the Creative PoSt?
this post is delayed but still we Had fun yea?

It is after all all the Camwhores haha!!

with Zues - loOked drunk haha *tomato red Cheek - pinChie piNchie*

with suresh - LoOked more like Back-off than CamwHore lol

wiTh LG phoNe winner - Jovi

aNd his Solo - good Job for the costumes & make up lol

with IsaaC cheah - Yo!! 1000D kaki

with My Old friend but I forGot his naMe but he is a Great danCer!!

those who saw it, You have to raise legs and agree with me!!

with Tzia - the Lost angel - she just Got her new hosted Domain *owh, how nice right?? some more FOC*

D grouP sHot when everyBody still Sober *wink*

- wiThout flash -

with Cindy Teh - the Hot Devil - me LoOked lesbo in this photO

with Greg - UTAR setapak student - Wee, when is our yamCha day??

with HanNah - have no idea what is her blog but she Came as a Japanese vampire *winCe*

with Zoe - devil with rabbit ears? haha, so Young so Young

with Pink POrk Chop - angel with Fairy wiNgs - that is Creative!!

with OBC - though I like to Call him OCBC - welCOme to bloGosphere^^

with JaCkie Loi - first tiMe partying - coMe on, just Dance!!

wiTh seraPh sam - the Cool dude with great stanDout pOst

wiTh ewin - the FreelanCe photoGrapher - Nice to meet you^^

with howarD - anOther freelance phoTographer - what a Fake smiLe lol

with SiMon - he caMe as feMinine shrek :p

with Dusty - caMe as angel but in fact he is Much devilish

with christiNe - at last, we talked to each other

with tian Chad & yenG yeNg - hee, partaying is FUN!!

with ViCtoria - ain't we in sorta affectione?

with Nigel aka flyGuy - biaDab saNgat & you are Not so Cool in this photo haha!!


  1. "with Dusty - caMe as angel but in fact he is Much devilish"

    wth ... wth wth ....

    i are an angel la!!

  2. Feminine Shrek???? I saw Nikon D5000 ads.


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